How to change the font size in yahoo mail?

I do not know how to change the font size in my yahoo mail. It is way to large and I have no idea how it got that way. Please tell me how to change it.

Thank you

To change the font size, click options in the upper right of your yahoo mail page -> click “general preferences” -> scroll down to “font size” -> click the blue down arrow to select another size -> click “save” at the bottom.

I have windows 10 and I don’t know if that makes a difference. To the right of your name ( right hand side) there
“mail” then there is a wheel that looks like a gear. Click on that. You will find settings. From there you can change your font in writing email. I have been successful in changing my font and it holds. Yeah. It has been very frustrating. None of the other tips worked for me.

I have the same problem, my font size suddenly went to Large. I checked settings & it was still set at Small, I re set that but still comes up large when I type in text. The only way I can reduce it is to ‘blue line’ text & click on the font change icon at bottom of page. But it then reverts to Large for next email. Is this a Yahoo glitch?

Although Yahoo Mail allows font-size changes (Tiny, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, Huge), the point-size ratios between each one are ridiculously great. It’s impossible to get, say an 11-point or 12-point type size, even though that’s what most people prefer. Instead, the difference between Medium and Large is about a 4-point spread, i.e., 10-point to 14-point type size. (What were they thinking?!!!?)

Place your cursor in the yahoo window. Press control and the plus or minus button. The font size changes.

How amazing that Yahoo can’t get this simple thing sorted. Thank you Robert – I, as well, don’t have an Options button and in Settings there is no General
Preferences or Font setting. Instead of making Yahoo more and more compicated they should just get the simple stuff sorted out.

As usual everything Yahoo does sucks. Email compose and replies default to TINY size. You can click settings icon – then email compose – then selected Medium for size and save. Nothing happens !!!!
New emails and replies to emails STILL come out TINY – only way to change is use the Text icon in the email compose screen and set EVERYTIME – ugh

omg i just had this problem myself. i have windows 10 laptop (no touch screen). on the touch pad, i took both index fingers and from the outside in simultaneously moved them towards the middle. This made it smaller. I did it again, made it super tiny. I moved them out from the center at the same time and it made it bigger. I’m not sure if it was a fluke but it worked for me and worth a try maybe for those still struggling with this. Ridiculous problem to have out of nowhere!!! lol

The new mail does NOT give you an Options (cog wheel) to make changes in fonts, colors, bold, italics, etc.


Space bar! It has a small magnifying glass on the left hand side. After three days of frustration it happened be accident. You just tap the magnifying glass to get to the size you want. !

Thanks Robert for the control 0 tip. The settings menu doesn’t have a text option on my email, and there is no “options” heading either, so those were both dead ends. The control 0 worked great.

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