Im confused if im gay straight or bisexual ??? i need help to know?

Argh im 17 soon i cant figure this out im lebanese and my mum thinks being gay is grose but i know its not i dont get turnd off by a man ive never got on to one im not outgoing enough to have sex so what should i do am i to young to know should i wait also i think my family is homophobic they always say this crap…

I think that it may just be to soon for you to know what your orientation is. Dont let other peoples opinions change what you think or who you are. Next time your family says gay sex gives you aids tell them any kind of sex can give you aids if one person is infected with the virus. You can be whatever you want to be. If their comments get to you tell them to keep it to themselves. You should not have to listen to that. I hope you can discover what makes YOU happy. Best of luck.

I read on a professional’s website that it’s normal to think of the opposite sex when masturbating, dreaming, etc. Don’t be overdramatic about the situation and assure yourself that you are straight. Wobbling back and forth, thinking that you might be gay or bisexual is just going to make you mentally weak and more vulnerable. So don’t worry and keep going on with life 🙂

First off, sexuality isn’t a big deal. Or at least it shouldn’t be. I personally believe sexuality is fluid, but I know most people are more inclined to fit themselves into labels. Just date people, really. If you’re infatuated with someone, go for it! Try things out. Keep it a secret from your parents for now if they’re not going to be supportive as you try to figure yourself out.

Do you feel sexual attraction to the same gender? Do you ever have strong desires to be with those of the same gender? Do you get ‘turned on’ by those of the same gender?

IF YES…. you may be gay BUT:
Do you have sexual attraction to the opposite sex?

IF YES, then you may be bisexual.

If you only feel attraction to the opposite sex, you are msot likely straight.

Just go along with what your heart tells you!

I agree that they are just saying their opinions (Which is still wrong)
I have heard my dad use the F** word before and it just tears me apart. I think the majority of families act like this. In the end you need to be who you are and not who they want you to be.

Good luck

They are saying their opinions,but your life doesn’t depend on that.Just be yourself and don’t worry too much.

“Your so gay and you don’t even like boys…”
– Katy Perry

Listen to it, it will make you feel better.

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