Im having trouble about religion?

What is the most belived religion and possibly be more true
I am unbaptized jahovahs witness but…..the JWs past isnt
to my approval i really need some help and or guidence
when it come to religion

By the 1870s, Jehovah’s Witnesses had recognized that hell is not hot, that the soul is not immortal, that the Almighty has a personal name, that Jesus is not Jehovah, that most resurrected humans will live on earth, and that Jesus’ ransom is indispensable to humankind’s salvation. Those beliefs remain central to the religion, and remain uniquely identified with the Christian Congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses 130 years later.

Besides Jehovah’s Witnesses, there is literally no other religion that teaches all these points accurately from the Bible. Similarly, Jehovah’s Witnesses have been unique in globally preaching for many decades to an extent that should shame all of Christendom.

Of course, it is true that bible research has led to refinements in their understanding the Bible, but it is also undeniable that the beliefs and practices of early Christians became more accurate even during the decades during which the bible was still being written (eg. hope for Samaritans, circumcision, hope for Gentiles, dietary requirements, Sabbaths, tongues, commemoration of Last Supper). Early Christians were always happy when such matters were resolved, and immediately resumed the preaching work which Jehovah’s Witnesses continue.
.. ..(Acts 13:46-49) Paul and Barnabas said: “…Since you [Jews] are thrusting it away from you and do not judge yourselves worthy of everlasting life, look! we turn to the nations. In fact, Jehovah has laid commandment upon us in these words, ‘I have appointed you as a light of nations, for you to be a salvation to the extremity of the earth.’” When those of the nations heard this, they began to rejoice and to glorify the word of Jehovah… Furthermore, the word of Jehovah went on being carried throughout the whole country.
.. ..(Acts 15:23-35;16:4,5) By their hand they wrote: “The apostles and the older men, brothers…we have come to a unanimous accord…For the holy spirit and we ourselves have favored adding no further burden to you, except these necessary things, to keep abstaining from things sacrificed to idols and from blood and from things strangled…” …they gathered the multitude together and handed them the letter. After reading it, they rejoiced over the encouragement. And…teaching and declaring, with many others also, the good news of the word of Jehovah. …Now as they traveled on through the cities they would deliver to those there for observance the decrees that had been decided upon by the apostles and older men who were in Jerusalem. Therefore, indeed, the congregations continued to be made firm in the faith and to increase in number from day to day.

From door to door, the early Christians and Jehovah’s Witnesses preached and preach the “good news of the Kingdom” rather than the minutia of Scripture. Yet it is this minutia that anti-Witnesses balloon and harp on in an attempt to demean Jehovah’s Witnesses and to distract from more important bible truths. It sometimes seems amazing to note the effort that merely ostensible “Christians” focus on minutia, all while neglecting the work of sharing truly “good news” as Christ commanded.

The vast majority of the nonsense regurgitated by apostate former Witnesses and other anti-Witnesses is so easily proven false as to merit no response whatsoever. Occasionally, it is interesting to shine some light on one of the anti-Witness “talking points”.

The only way primitive religion exists today is through the child abuse of forcing it into very, very young children but thanks to better education and growing intellects so many teens are able to discover the truth, throw off the indoctrination and step into the real world! Acceptance of a supernatural claim tends to promote cooperative social relationships. This communication demonstrates a willingness to accept, without skepticism, the influence of the speaker in a way similar to a child’s acceptance of the influence of a parent. By encouraging this kind of behavior where the most intense social relationships occur it facilitates the lack of skepticism and deters more open minded thinking. They are christian, Muslim or the other religions depending where they were born simply because they were indoctrinated by their parents as very young children. They will go on to indoctrinate their own children and those will go on to indoctrinate their grandchildren! Atheists have the intellect to see through the conditioning and escape into the real world! Agnostics have the intellect to see through the conditioning but lack the courage to throw of the conditioning entirely. Sadly Christians, muslims and others are still held firmly prisoner by the self perpetuating brainwashing! I do hope that you do not discover that when families put religion before love that the love frequently turns to hatred!

Honestly, if you’re gut is telling you it’s not right, then it’s probably not. I suggest doing some reading into other religions. I was born and raised Muslim — and it didn’t feel right. Then I became an atheist, and that didn’t work well, either. Now I am a Christian, and I believe (personally) that this is the absolute truth and the only way to salvation.

God bless in your journey.

~Jubilee on Earth
(dot com)

The most believed is not necessarily the most correct. Study Acts in the Bible, and note especially chapters 2, 8, 10, and 11. The true church still believes and experiences what you read about there.

When I read the words of John 3:16-17, it is absolutely amazing…

“For God so Loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. For God did not send his Son into the World to condemn the world, but to save the world through him.”

It is so refreshing to know that if I pray to God and repent of my sins, that I am given a new start. God is a loving God!

I hope this helps you my friend. God Bless You!

If you want spiritual help, go to your Elders and seek their help. But…if you are looking for ways to rationalize doubts rather than ways to explain why things happened the way they did, then you aren’t looking for guidance you are looking for permission to leave. You don’t need permission.

May I ask, what religion’s past does meet your approval? Maybe you will be happy believing something else, or nothing at all. Faith is a journey, not a guilt trip. Jehovah does not want us to serve him out of fear or coercion, or without understanding what we are doing. I hope you are able to find what you are looking for. All the best to you.

Hank, You do not need more religion, you need to have a personal relationship with Jesus. In religion we seek to reach up to God but in Jesus God reached down to us. I would love to mentor you as you seek the church body that would lead you into a relationship with Jesus. Please contact me and I will help you find the church body who will come along side of you.

Father thank You for helping Hank the Trucker to walk with Your Son, Jesus. May You be glorified in his life. amen

Why not read the Bible, (and you may want to buy an NIV version). Pray and ask the Lord to guide you. Then journal your readings and reflections on them. I journal my prayers as well. See what the Lord tells you through His word.

Good luck, and I’ll be praying for you!

You should join the W.E.L.S.(Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod) or a Lutheran church

If you don’t want to be a Witness, don’t. It seems you never were that firm at it, seeing as how you didn’t even spell God’s name correctly.

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