Is it right for a mother to breastfeed her grandchild ?

My mother sometimes jokes with my 7 weeks daughter (her grandchild) by putting her breast into her mouth when she’s crying… But my daughter doesn’t suck… I really haven’t asked my mom to stop doing that cos I don’t want her to feel bad… What do u think?

first of all eww.
2nd that is definitely not something you should let her do.
even at seven weeks this baby is a sponge and taking in every bit of info they can and if they see this as normal behavior then they are going to keep on thinking like that and it’s going to mess with how she interacts with others.
3rd of all. EWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!

Well firstly your mother isn’t breastfeeding your child as she has no milk being produced so basically your baby is sucking on her nipple for comfort. WHY NOT TRY A DUMMY OR A BLANKET AS A COMFORTER? This would be much more appropriate.

I would put a stop to this now as your baby will want this all the time and to be quite honest it doesn’t sound right. Could never imagine my Mother doing this to my baby when he was a newborn as it is disgusting and wrong.

That’s absolutely disgusting and you should be ashamed of yourself that you havent taken any action to prevent that kind of behavior. I have half a mind to call the police myself. That is sexual abuse and should not be tolerated. If that was a complete stranger doing that would you be so lenient?? No, I dont think so. The same rules apply for everyone.

That seems really weird to me, maybe your mom is just feeling sad that her children are all grown and will never have another child to nurse. I still think that is wrong, I would defiantly ask her to stop.

“I am 13 and living with my mom”
And you have a sister who is 4 years younger than you who you saved from going to jail. At 9.

Take your pathetic little fantasies somewhere else.

Plain and simple, it is sexual abuse to put your nipple in the mouth of a child if you are not currently lactating. Tell your mom to stop before she ends up in jail and on the sex offender registry.

I wouldn’t be so gentle if it was my child. I’d yank my child away and demand my mom stop her inappropriate sexual acts with my child. One warning, then the police would be called. I love my mom dearly but my kid’s mental health comes first.

Plain and simple, it is super-lulzy how many people will fall for this sort of stuff…

“I am 13 and living with my mom, i sometimes visit my dad in his apartment. last night I spent the night at my dad’s, whiles in bed he came onto me…”;…

If she’s not actually producing milk, that is just bizarre. Why not use a pacifier?

If she’s not lactating then that is grossly inappropriate and could be termed sexual abuse.

no, i don’t think so…

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