Is Obama really all that bad?

I come from a long line of conservative republicans so naturally all I hear about Obama are bad things. I hear he is ruining the economy, he is trying to move us to socialism, he wasn’t even born in the US, He is a muslim blah blah blah!

Well, I would prefer to base my opinions on facts rather then the…

A good place to start for measuring President Obama’s many successes or compromises is with the Obameter set up on President Obama, as Candidate-Obama, made more than 500 campaign promises and, as has done with other politicians, they have been keeping close tabs on “Promises Kept,” “Promises In The Works,” “Compromises,” “Promises Broken,” and “Promises Stalled.” President Obama has kept more than half of his promises so far, I believe.

The next place I would highly recommend is and also because each of these sites lists in SPECIFIC DETAIL the various achievements or ongoing efforts in place for the Obama team and for President Obama himself.

The Sunlight Foundation has put up quite a few websites that help monitor various parts of our political system in Washington D.C., and these sites are also useful in determining how much money Republican and Democratic lawmakers have taken from lobbyists ( or, what is actually in the bills being passed (, and assorted other useful tidbits of information.

The DEFICIT was reduced by 8% earlier this year (Reuters and Washington Post in June postings on Yahoo’s Home Page news). CUTS IN SPENDING include $121 BILLION saved by slashing pork-barrel spending from the final FY Bush/Cheney budget (presidential helicopter fleet; F-22 planes); the $.09 TRILLION that was cut form that final Bush/Cheney $1.09 TRILLION fiscal year (Oct. 1, 2008 through Sept. 30, 2009) budget when President Obama submitted HIS first budget for Oct. 1, 2009 through Sept. 30th of this year (2010) for $1.00 trillion, with standing orders given to each one of his Department heads to CUT ANOTHER 5% from the upcoming NEXT budget… Check out the many provisions and consumer protections for the insurance reforms, fiancial system reforms, the Credit CARD Act of 2009 (no more predatory fees or shady billing practices allowed), and so on. There is so MUCH that has been achieved despite the GOP’s mistaken theory that if they BLOCK EVERYTHING to cater to special interests they can make this administration “fail” in the voters’ minds. On the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, see for a chronological listing of every single action taken from DAY ONE, April 20th—the day of the explosion. Good luck in your question for quality information.

I lean to the conservative side but here are my thoughts.

I think his foreign policy is great. He has handled the wars well for the most part, he hasn’t started any new wars yet and he has made strides to build relationships with other countries.

I think his handling of the recession is a pointless argument. It is a fallacy that a president can create a recession on this scale or that a president can fix it. As part of standard political posturing, he blamed Bush for the current recession. Fact is, the policies that caused this mess were created in the 70s and 90s. In short… Bush didn’t break it and Obama can’t fix it. Only time will take care of this. His only real sin on the economy was propagating the idea that a president could break or fix it. So I have no real complaints.

His domestic policies are the ones I take issue with. The health care bill that he pushed and our “representatives” voted for is a disaster. Tax increases are a bad idea and we will all pay for them. Not just the rich. The increased spending of money we don’t have will bankrupt this country.

This ballot is casebook occasion of extrapolating the incorrect conclusions from a survey. The 33% parent could desire to be basically no longer undemanding-middle Obama haters and proves no longer something approximately the place a president stands relative to his friends with the final inhabitants. an identical could desire to be stated for the 28% who say Bush is the “worst” or the 35% who say Reagan is “suited.” This ballot is a robust way for Quinnapaic to generate exposure, however the technique would not help what they declare it does. (So says a South Dakota State grad who did his grasp’s thesis on political polling.)

Go to polifact.

His accomplishments speak for themselves.

30 million getting health insurance, by itself, would be enough for most presidents.

According to the CBO, and other private analysts, the stimulus saved millions of jobs.

All the small things like stopping people from going to GITMO, closing the CIA prisons in Europe, ending the policy of rendition, torture and kidnapping, buying trailors for Katrina victems to replace the formaldyde ones that they were forced to live in under Bush, making student loans cheaper and more student grants.

I could go on all day, but you get the picture. Most of the right says is pure BS. Even a majority of the public according to many polls, wanted universal health care. The reason that the presidents plan polled poorly was because people simply didn’t understand what it was.

He is worse than even imagined. All he is doing is selling this country out. I have no respect for this person at all. How ridiculous that people are still believing his lies. Many Americans are waking up and realizing what a fool they were to vote for such a person. His ratings are lower than any president in history at the moment. And I do not believe he is a citizen at all.

The truth is that there is not much difference between democrats and republicans, despite what both the left and right say about each other.

Seriously, think back. When different presidents were in office, when it changed from republican to democrat, or dem back to rep, were there any real serious changes to our lives? No, everything stayed pretty much the same, no matter who was in office. They are both shades of grey, not black versus white.

The only changes they make are usually very minor and unnoticeable by most. Going to war doesn’t count, as we would have probably gone to war no matter who was in office once we were attacked.

Obama is not the source of why this country is going down the drain. Look at the President(s) before him. We had problems before we had Obama (especially with the economy). I think that Obama is doing what he can. People need to realize that he can’t just snap his fingers, and all be well again.

It took years for the economic downfall to occur, and it’s going to take years for it to get better.

Obama was elected mainly by being a very strong andinfluencial speaker, he made many promises about change. However looking at the situation now, he has not done any amount close to what he has promised. He has just used large amounts of federal funds to supply his plans, which is just putting us farther and farther in debt. The results are not beneficial enough sadly to account for the trillions of dollars the united states is in debt. In my opinion Obama is all talk and no show. Many people just believe in plans, but they are all funded by money, he is not really trying to lead this country into a new stage. Sadly he will be elected again due to millions of african africans who do not care about the reform but the representative leadership (not to be racist).

Okay……..fact…….I am on here as much as anyone. Fact………..I don’t see liberals calling him the MESSIAH and the greatest thing since slice bread. I see them saying he is better than BUSH.

See the difference there?

I do see racist avatars, daily………..dozens , if not HUNDREDS of racist questions……..

thousands of posts calling him communist, socialist, Muslim, Born in Kenya…….and other LIES……not backed up by an ounce of FACT. ……

I have seen people blame him for invading AFGHANISTAN……..(he didn’t, Bush did. )

and all manner of other FACTUAL misinformation.

By comparison…..I often see liberals, pointing out the good he HAS done, and comparing it to some of the real harm Bush caused, which you almost NEVER see Republicans comment on.

They all still seem to think he did a “swell Job, Brownie”…..despite them LOSING both houses in 2006…..and the White House, in 2008, the American people were so DISGUSTED with him by then.

Even 7 “red” states voted for Obama. Their own BASES turned against their party…..not because of McCain, or Palin, but because Bush was just that God awful.

No one wanted to reward that party with 4 or 8 more years. Iraq was a FARCE, from start to finish.

Saddam didnt attack us, there were no weapons of Mass destruction, ready to launch in 15 minutes, and even if there were……..he wasn’t ABOUT to use any. We had him under full no fly zones, and he wasn’t going ANYWHERE.

In short…….there was NO REASON, to bomb BAGHDAD, a city of civilians from the air.

It was a FIRST strike………not a retalitory strike, or “pre-emptive” strike, because you weren’t really PRE-EMPTING anything………..weapons, that were NOT there.

That makes it a FIRST strike……an act of AGRESSION. WE attacked.

Not Saddam. WE did.

and for WHAT?

Obama is trying to right the ship Bush ran aground, and then tried to BURN to the hull line.

I think under the circumstances of the UNHOLY mess he inherieted, he is doing a FANTASTIC job.

I didn’t say he was the Messiah, or is perfect, or I even agree with EVERYTHING he’s done so far.

I think, overall, …..all things considered, and thinking of where we’d be right NOW, if McCain and Palin had won……….I think the man deserves some damn CREDIT already.

And he’s done it all, under WITHERING criticism, endless racist attacks…….people questioning his place of birth, calling his dead mother all manner of names, saying the most vile things about his father………..ENOUGH already.

Even if he SUCKED………..the behavior of republicans has been DEPLORABLE.

Abolsutely, repulsively DEPLORABLE. No one deserves all THAT, just because he wanted to run for PUBLIC office and SERVE his country.

Which , by the way, is NOT Kenya. He is a UNITED STATES CITIZEN, and I am PROUD to call him one of our own.

Obama has accomplished a lot actually but the constant slander from the so called right has been insidious .
Official: Obama Accomplished More in 30 Days Than Any …
Official: Obama Accomplished More in 30 Days Than Any President in Modern History. February 24, 2009 1:14 PM “President Obama has accomplished more in 30 days than any …… – Cached

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