Is the United States the only place that considers mixed people black?

The majority of African Americans are not full black or 100 percent. And then to make matters more extreme, a lot of people consider biracials as black people.

Is that why particular Latinos with a ton of African ancestry nearly have a spasm when an American calls them a black person?


I have traveled to all parts of the world and it seems America is the only country that does that because of their history and the “one drop rule” in Latin America mixed race people are called are called mulatto, in the Caribbean they call them mulatto, creole(especially in Haiti), and at times half caste(especially English colonized countries), in South Africa they are called colored, in sub-Saharan africa they are called half caste and/or mixed, and in Europe they are called mixed race. Another thing I have noticed is the mixed race people in Europe and America identify by their race while the ones at times in the Caribbean and africa identify by nationality and.or culture they were raised in.

My grandfather is Afro-Latin, he’s black Cuban and he knows where our ancestry originally came from. He understands that our ancestors originally came from Africa but at the same time he doesn’t like African-Americans. He doesn’t like to be associated with Black Americans because he seems them as shufless , lazy and a embarrassing group of people.

He looks at black Americans and goes on a rant of how they let opportunities go to waste and people die trying to get what we take for granted. My grandfather almost died trying to get here. If you want to leave from Cuba have to take the 90 mile trip. It’s more of the way black Americans are as a people that he doesn’t want to be associated with and hates the fact how we could use the n word to each other. To be called black, would mean he is associated with all those things.

He doesn’t want to be associated with black people in America. Now as for are we the only country that does this, I don’t know but I answered why some Afro-Latins don’t want like to be called black.

EDIT: You’re right but goes of goes hand and hand. It’s has to do with more of self hatred than anything else. Especially the Dumbminicans.

Idk but probably yeah… I don’t mean to be rude but it seems like people from US are usually VERY confused when it comes of “races”, “ethnicity”, “nationality” and so on (Sorry if I offended someone)… You can easily notice it on web. Like.. On Y!A I’ve seen the weirdest questions ever! Some people think even Southern Europeans like Italian and Spaniards aren’t white ’cause they’re mixed with ‘blacks’ I mean wtf it’s genetically PROVED that they have never been mixed with Sub- Saharan Africans (black people) so how can people believe in those things? Also, many of them use to think that “Latinos” is a race/ethnicity which is not true… Here in Europe we don’t even use this term “latinos”. And maaanyyy other things…
However, I think they consider all of them black (biracial, mulattos) ’cause their skin is ‘darker’ than a white person. That’s it. If you say that BeyoncĂ© is not black people get mad but she’s clearly a biracial woman, she’s mixed with Native Americans and Europeans (her grandfather was French) I can easily see Native American factures in her but people still consider her to be black ’cause her skin is not ‘white’. I’m ok with this but I’ve also seen an interview with Mariah Carey and she said that she consider herself black ’cause she has got black roots… I mean c’mon right now she’s white to me! so EVERYONE should be considered ‘black’ ’cause we all descends from African people… Just saying!

Latinos have a stroke when people call them black because in South and Central America there is a great deal of stigma towards dark skin and the features many associate with Africans (wide lips, kinky hair, wide nose)

It is socially acceptable for people to be openly derisive of blacks in those places.

And yes in the rest of the world, biracial people are considered black.

They see Obama as a black man and would be non-plussed at the VERY CURRENT reaction in the US that calling Obama black is disrespectful to white people.

As an American who has yet to venture outside the country, I cannot give a good analysis on whether or not your testament is true or not in other countries. However, the reasoning for that is because back in the slave days, mixed children were frequently executed because they were still considered impure to the White race. The “One of us, one of them” mentality divided pure whites with mixed and whole blacks into a single category, which still remains solid even to today. But the lines between race is thinning I believe.

Happy New Years.

There seems to be some identity crisis, in America and with you. It’s true a lot of African Americans are not 100% “black” but their outward appearance is of brown skin, coarser hair and other distinguishably African American features and so people usually just say black. The reason government forms say “Black/African decent” is because there are so many combinations of not 100% European/African/Asian American it’s just easier,and less likely to offend people if you just group them together. People, of ANY race don’t like to be misidentified, especially when they have some pride of where they are from, it isn’t just people mistaken from African American, that’s why someone who is Japanese doesn’t want to be called Chinese or why someone from the West Indies doesn’t want to be called Jamaican etc. >_>

It’s one of few places that actually still use that debunked concept. here in europe, none asks you what your race is, because people weren’t bred into races.
Noone here would think you less dutch if you have the wrong eyecolour ,haircolour or bloodtype, and only a handful of ill-informed would think you less dutch if you have the wrong skintone.

Don’t they teach genetics in the USA ?

I think other countries may not acknowledge it as we do but when I go on the net for other discussion groups and videos, people do talk about racism AND colorism…even in countries which you perceive as having a majority of color. Again, here in the US the majority of bi-racial blacks were assimilated and identified as black until perhaps the last 30 years.

Dunno what people do in other countries, all I know is me. Before I had mixed kids I will agree I considered mixed people as being black, but now that I have mixed kids myself I do not just label them as black. They are white and black. I am a hypocrite I guess.

From what I understand, yes. People in the uk consider mixed people “brown “.

I believe afro latins don’t like to be called black, because they feel it ignores their culture. But that is only from my observation.

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