Israel claims rights to the land from 2000years ago. does this mean i have rights to still be a cannibal?

Claiming rights from the past . shouldnt we hand back all the land to native populations on this same principle, and then remove the countries in europe to their ancient borders??

You mean the Jews claiming Arab land- the Arabs have always been FIRST and MAJORITY in the Arabian, NOT Jewish Peninsula(non Arab Iran and Israel a part of) /Canaan/God’s promise.

I wonder how many do not know, the Arabs owned almost all of Canaan, including Arab Palestine. They were not called Arabs at the time, but Ishmalites/Canaanites/Arvi(Hebrew term for Arab).Yes and so very TRUE. God’s promised land was only one of residency, NOT, ownership as was the British Mandate(political, NOT, land borders-read closely-Arab Palestine to remain ONE country). The Arabs were always FIRST and MAJORITY owners of the ARABIAN, NOT, JEWISH Peninsula(Israel a part of)/Canaan/God’s promised land. Except for non Arab Iran, and,until 1948, Israel., ARAB owned it. Israel would have to kill ALL the Arabs and non Arab Iranians(Israel working on that one) and steal all their land to get it.NO WHERE in the Bible, nor, the British Mandate does it state Israel is to kill the Arabs and steal their land-NO WHERE-they need to quit laying the blame on God and the British.

It seems very strange that the world’s best equipped(6 Billion/yr US FREE money backing them) and trained military of 150,000 , in the world, has trouble handling a group of 30,000(all Arab freedom fighters combined-Israel labels terrorists), poorly armed Arab freedom fighters. Either their military is not that good OR, EVEN MORE LIKELY, ISRAEL IS DRAGGING HER FEET ON THE PEACE PROCESS UNTIL SHE ANNEXES THE WEST BANK AND GAZA STRIPS THROUGH ETHNIC CLEANSING(WHEN I SAY MURDER, MY ACCOUNT OFTEN GETS DELETED-GO FIGURE).

The land never belonged to the wandering Israelies/Jews until they stole it through murder of Arabs to ILLEGALLY create Israel in 1948(UN ratified a day AFTER the fact).

to which land are you talking about ?,
it seems to me that the world is almost ignorant about what is really going on in Israel and they feed on simplified news which gives a degenerated version of the situation.

You have Israel as a country, which like all the other countries in the world was recognized by the UN on 1949 and is existence is a fact.
You have also the ocupied territories, mostly west bank since Israel got out from Gaza .
Are you asking about the west bank ?

I don’t think the U.S. wants to do that, but Israel believes and so do many evangelical Christians that God wants the Jews to claim the land of Semarra.

No. Maybe we should just send all left wing wuss-fairies to go live in Zimbabwe. So you can enjoy both Socialism and Multiculturalism. I’m sure you’ll love it.

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