Just in… report says Bush approved secret orders for Pakistan raids …is Pakistan’s response threatening?

Please note, when I first saw this news release, it literally showed it had been up for one minute. Something I wanted to use, simply vanished.

I wanted to use a couple of excerpts but first I tried to rate it, and then had to log in, which took me to a different page, etc. I then got back to the report and…

1. US will have a new president and so motive for leakage of Bush orders is something to consider – like laying blame on Bush for ‘ attack on civilians ‘ and thus allow for fresh start with new US prez, meaning, US military can still do as they do in Pakistan.
2. Pakistan has new PM and new army chief.They therefore have personal interest to look good to their own people and not appear kowtowing to America.
3. US just lifted ban on nuclear deals with India, which is Pakistan’s number one nemesis. Hence, this is a tit for tat and hint to US that ‘ we are getting angry and could get angrier ‘.
4. US general just said that Afghanistan is like an unwinnable scenario, so further letting Pakistan realize how important they are for US, and so, can really ‘ act angry ‘, to get whatever they want -military aid, new technology, slow down on India, more respect for Pakistan sovereignty, etc.

So how is it that that doesn’t make us the terrorists?

Isn’t he all like-
we were bombed on 9/11 lets get those terrorists-
and now that Pakistan is considering doing what we did to Iraq makes them the bad guy-
I don’t hear a threat there-
I here a country saying hey- we don’t want to fight you American terrorist! so don’t back us into a corner or we will have to defend ourselves from your relentless “terrorism” because we havn’t done ANYTHING to you. So please let’s be at peace and talk this out like adults instead of you pulling out you gang violence and terrorism on us- not because we are afraid of you but because- it is childish to simply go to war- it is the mature and decent thing to talk things through how ever long it takes- like respectful human beings living on one planet sharing air and water with love and decency please for the sake of everyone….

You know, I don’t read the Yahoo news stories.
Bhutto’s widower is our friend. There is a chance for democracy, and the US is taking advantage of this.
Osama bin Laden is hiding out in Pakistan. Why wouldn’t we want to find him?

never underestimate the paks 7000 of there SAS defeated 40000 indians whithout air r amour support. They also beat the russians in a major battle in Afghanistan

We should not go bomb another country that has not attacked the USA.

It is Illegal look at the information here with the UN.


Next are we going to leave the UN?

what some pathetic country like Pakistanis threatning us now?

Us the Greatest power the world has seen since Rome?

how dare they!

simple, we nuke them. we don’t need pakistan, we don’t need iraq, we don’t need afghanistan

eeew secret orders….aaaah….secret…spicy drama…….eeewww…..aaaah…….Hey, like, did you hear about suzy at school yesterday!

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