Missing spayed 2 year old…cat…over 7 weeks…will she come home?

Billy Jo is missing…has anyone had a cat come home after a long time? Question 2: Ruffie is still at home and she is 10 years old. Should I get a new kitty now and have her go through the stress of ‘getting used’ to a new kitty or just wait?

my cat dissapeared for a week we looked for her every day and night and then one day we asked a little neighbor boy and he said yes his friend down the road found a cat like mine and shes in their house, i went there and sure enough she was there and made herself at home. She was spayed declawed and 7 years old at the time. we were so happy to get her back. Also my friend lost her cat for monthes, then one day it showed up. So I would ask around the neighborhood she may show up when you least expect it.

After 7 weeks and she’s spayed… I’d say, just get a new kitty. Most cats stay where they are fed and don’t wander off and stay gone for too long since they get hungry. So, either someone else started feeding her and she found life on the other side of the fence more encouraging or she might have gotten killed. It’s up to you whether or not you want a new kitty. I’m really sorry about your loss. You can also do what that girlie said ^^^ by posting flyers and call your local shelters to see if anyone has seen her or if they had her at all (they usually only keep a week and then it’s euthanization)

I guess the time period wouldn’t matter as much if you live in a place where there aren’t a lot of roads because cats have a keen sense of where they are and they could easily find their way back home where they know they will get food and fresh water and where they know you are. The longest my cat has ever gone missing was a couple days but there have probably been stranger cases where a cat comes back after a long time but I wouldn’t think it’s common.

Have you put any fliers up in your neighborhood?? That would probably be a really great place to start. Someone may have thought that she was a stray and took her in. If they see a flyer you have a better chance of having her come home. Wait atleast a couple more months before deciding on whether to get a new kitten. You don’t want to end up with to many cats if your lost cat comes back. Good luck and I hope she comes home really soon!!

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