Mrs. Murphy’s Baked Beans?

Mrs. Murphy was a woman who loved to make baked beans. Whenever she prepared them, she would take them to the church social and sell them. There was another woman, Mrs. Jones, who loved Mrs. Murphy’s baked beans. She always made it a point to be first in line at the church social so she could buy the beans…

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Baked Beans

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Ha Ha! Funny! lol! 10!

theres a fair in town, could have used her to win a teddy on the shoot a duck stall, damn


Sooooo funny!

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Yeah !!! good joke….

Now I’ll understand what they mean
with “Murphy’s Law” — Thanks a lot for the LOL !!!

I’ll star U up .. Aaron.

aha ha haha ha ha ha great 10/10 still laughing

Good one.!!!
Funny 8/10.!!!

Brilliant!!! Really liked that one!

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