POLL: Has Your Car Ever Been Towed?

Mine just got towed D:<

My mom made me go get pecans for a pie and I was coming home. I was going 35 and about 10 feet from the 40 mph zone and a cop was waiting on the corner and pulled me over. He let the speeding go but I hadn’t gotten my licensed renewed so he said the car had to be towed. I coudn’t get a hold of my parents so he had to drive me home in the police car and I had to sit in the back because he had crap all over his front seat. Needless to say I was not happy!

Yes, my car broke down and my first wife’s brother who is a mechanic came down to towe it. Such an experience, I sat in my car being towed for 1 hour going 70 miles/hr necessary for him to get to a higher shift using the highway. Needless to say I do know now why it is called a “high”way.

my car was towed in my dreams, then i woke up and IT WAS GONE, I HATE tow truck dreams, too expensive… 🙁

getting towed does suck, but it’s sometimes best, but if you get a fuzz bucket behind you while ur on a shoulder, engine dead, he’ll always want to call the most expensive tow truck company for you, if you wanna go cheaper say, “hey, mr. officer, can we go the discount route?”
GOTTA SPEAK UP THOUGH, or you’ll be out a few 50’s

Towed because of a breakdown. Never towed because of a parking violation.

Bummers. Sorry to hear that.

I’m so stupid. My sister and I had gone to the town where my mom was born and most of her family is buried, and we were in the cemetery, and I had pulled off the main part of the road, and onto the grass so we could see some of the graves better, and when it was time to go, the car was stuck. We tried and tried to get it out, but we just messed up the ground. Finally, in desperation, she called the police, who sent a tow truck to get us out. They charged me $75 to pull me TEN LOUSY FEET. I was so embarrassed. But it’s a funny story now.

yes not my fault my dad got it towed

that sucks =]
mine was close to being towed but nope :]

yeah like 5 times haha

I’ve been with my wife when her car got towed. It had broken down and we needed to get it home.

I hope you don’t mean impounded hon

((((((((((BIG HUGS))))))))))

yes i have just before christmas, when a stupid ***** wrote my car off.
and they had to towed it away.

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