Should Israel tell President Obama, Sec. Of State Clinton and the United States to kiss off?

I mean what right does the United States have to tell another Sovereign Nation what it can and can’t do? I know there will be some of you that will respond that because we have given them financial, and military aid we have earned that right. But my response to that is can you imagine what our response would…

I’m EMBARRASSED by the complete idiocy displayed by this administration on the issue. Obama has gone so far as to attempt to sway European support for his call on Israel to do what he wants. Since when do we alienate and bully our allies? Especially one as important as Israel. Obama has been just as forceful with them as he has with Iran or Russia, and that’s just completely wrong on all fronts.

The shift in our relationship with Israel has everything to do with the agendas of our illustrious president.. People need to realize exactly what we’re dealing with here. Obama is a Socialist. Obama is a Radical. Obama is not a fan of Capitalism nor of our Representative Republic. Obama thinks this nation has been imperialistic. Obama belives in dwindling the idea of American exceptionalism. He is the complete opposite of everything we are accustomed to and everything we’ve achieved as a nation and anyone that has followed in our footsteps (Israel) share in the blame. Unfortunately, there are many individuals in this world that have the same ideals. Just look at some of the answers here..

To answer your first question…at Israel’s own risk; Great Britain, who is Israel’s other ally, isn’t exactly willing to step in America’s place. Netanyahu had the choice of using diplomatic lines to do this, and chose to use the media instead, which is the root of the problem.

To answer your second question: If the roles were reversed, the move would be to return the money and seek funding elsewhere.

As for the dramatic shift, the answer to the first question is directly the answer to the third—refusal or inability to control members of his government from using the media instead of telling Obama, or Hilary Clinton, via diplomatic lines. It also has to do with the fact that Netanyahu in general hates Democrats, going back to the late 1990s when Netanyahu in his first tour leading Israel saw his government collapse amid corruption and scandal, and Bill Clinton could not hide his glee.

He can hearth her at any time. I easily have mentioned extra undesirable issues approximately Hillary than all of us yet she seems to be doing an relatively positive activity as Sec de State. we don’t continuously win. I do think of, even inspite of the indisputable fact that, that she has been promised some thing. She went from the single to no one all too quietly and with politeness, then have been given her recent activity relatively of ultimate court. perhaps head of the U.N.? grasp of the universe decrease than the recent international order? Queen of Earth? i do no longer understand what the promise replaced into yet she’s doing a great activity.

Yes, B0 is an embarrassment and a disgrace to everything this country stands for. I can’t tell what country he hates more the United States or Israel. H has dissed Israel at ever turn but my God do not dare say anything against terrorists or terrorists nations. What really gets to me is does he really think Iran will stop with Israel, Iran hates the US ever bit as much as they hate Israel. We are a target and B0 can bow and grovel all he wants as Iran and the rest of the world laugh at this joke who considers himself a great leader.

As an American citizen who believes Israel has a right to build on there property for their people is just. This administration is crapping on our allies while apologizing to our enemies. It is just plain wrong. We need Israel just as bad as they need us. They have location we may need in the future. This administration is more for the Islamic nations to advance their agenda to take over the European countries and have Sharia Law. Pathetic!
Shift against Israel- Real intention is to allow the Palestinians who are Islamic to have more territory. After all Obama just loves the sounds of the Muslim Prayer.

Everything you say in your first paragraph I total agree with you.

The second part of your paragraph has to do with Spiritual issues. One has to know the Word of God to understand all the events that’s happening and going to happen to Israel which is for-told in the Bible
Just a brief. The people of Israel are God’s chosen people. God gave them an inheritance far beyond their imagination. All God wanted from people was for them to love Him with all their hearts, mind, and soul and to be obedient to Him. The people disobeyed God so God gave them a set of rules to obey. They would obey and then disobey the rules God had given them. Then their belief in God turned to unbelief and the people turned to worshiped other gods. Because of their unbelief God told the people that they would suffer under the hands of everyone. Every Nation in the world will go against Israel and that includes America. The battle will be so severe against Israel. After awhile God will put a stop to the fight and wipe out all who went against his choose people. God tells us in his Word. Those who curse my people I will curse. Those who bless my people I will bless. Israel will be restored.
There is much much more to what I just wrote and will take place in the coming days, months, and years(?). Like I said one needs to get into the Word of God and read and get the whole complete story.
Another post could add more to what just wrote.

If I were the President I’d make sure I don’t go against Israel. America was the only Nation that always backed Israel. Will we see this changed with this President?

Yes , the situation has been totally distorted by the media for an Obami propaganda opportunity. He is still campaigning to justify his throwing out the Constitution because he wants no challenges to his unlawful agenda. The more he gets away with in a stepped disintegration of the Republic. The closer he gets to being Dictator for life.

Yes! I think Airlines answered the second part of your question best. Obam is a progressive and Israel is getting in the way of his agenda. Israle is a democracy. The only one in the middle east, and we wknow that Obama believes more in socialistic government. He will not stand with Israel. Hillary is also a Marxist!


Mossad and the Israelis are not stupid. Probably, they will treat the situation like they did with Bill Clinton. When they found out he was having an affair with Monica Lewinsky, they wiretapped her phone. They hit the jackpot when Mon and the prez had phone sex a few times. Netanyahu was able to control Clinton after that with threats of blackmail.

I’m sure Mossad already has enough stuff on Obama to put his life on the line.


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