So how is the John McSmear Campaign coming against Obama? Anyone else lose respect for Mccain over his smear


I think a lot of people lost a lot of respect for McCain after his celebrity add on Obama. Is that.. really..the best they could come up with? No seriously, McCain advisors…really was that the best they could come up with? This campaign has taken a sharp turn from the genuine, future-oriented plans of McCain, to why Barrack Obama will not make a good President. Has he forgotten why he is running or what hes running for? This isn’t a campaign to see who can throw out the most outlandish negative comments about the other party, but a campaign for running the United States for the next four years..

Can you be specific as to what constitutes a “smear” of Obama?

Is it his pointing out that Obama is “old”?
Is it suggestions that Obama has “Alzheimer’s”?
Is it the suggestion that he married his wife for her money?
Is it the innuendo regarding his class rank at Annapolis?
Is it the suggestion that he might have broken under torture as a POW?
Is it the denigration of his service as a fighter pilot because he got shot down?
Is it the paraphrasing of his willingness to complete the job in Iraq to express an intention to be there forever?

What has been said about Obama that constitutes a “smear” if those do not?

What part of McCain’s campaign is analogous to the thinly-veiled references to race when Obama says “I don’t look like they do”?

How is it a smear to point out the fact that Obama has still not defined what he means by “change”? Is it going to be limited by the above statement that he doesn’t look like the Presidents on our currency, or is there more? If not, what difference does it make, if so, what is it? How is it a smear to point out that the man hasn’t defined himself except in terms of his popularity, and how is it invalid to point out that this is analogous to Paris Hilton? It certainly is.

Tell me one thing that Obama has said he will do differently that is specific and has not changed. Just one.

Yes, how dare he smear poor Barry with reality? Everyone knows Barry is not just an empty suit, that he is much more than a celebrity! Look at all of the great things he has accomplished since he finished his education over twenty years ago. How about the….a…or the….or how about all the….or the time he….well, just because I can’t think of one right now does not mean Barry is an empty suit!


Yes I sure have! McCain said during the Democratic primary that he would not run negative attacks against his opponent during the general election. He also denounced a RNC attack ad against Obama during the primary. Why has his mood changed to attacking Obama when he said he would not resort to such attacks? Well desperate times call for desperate measures, and McCain sure is desperate. As I recall the negative attacks Hillary ran did not work out so well for her. I guess McCain will just have to learn the hard way.

Also, McCain said he is proud of how his campaign is being run. He is proud of that attack ad that compares Obama to the likes of Paris Hilton and Brittany Spears! So, McCain, who had denounced negative attacks during the Democratic primary, is now proud of his negative attacks in the general election. How hypocritical of him! Same old politics for sure by McCain!

People do not like this type of campaigning. His negative attack ads will not win over Independent and undecided voters. Many could side with Obama due to McCain’s attacks and hypocrisy. We will only know once election day rolls around as to the consequences of McCain’s negative campaigning.


I never liked the man in the first place but I don’t think what he did was wrong…he is spot on in his ad…I don’t think a person that has only been a working senator for 144 days should be the commander-in-chief of the most powerful nation in the history of the world.

Sorry to tell you but the McCain campaign is doing fine.

BTW, the truth isn’t a smear.

Big deal you haven’t seen nothing yet why don’t you read the Obama Nation by Dr. Jerome Cursi this book will make you think twice about Obama!!!!!! This book came out recently Obama is scared of the book and the author it’s a tell all and he doesn’t want people to read it is very credible!!!!!!!!! Goodbye Obama hang it up the people see you for what you really are!!!!!!!!!!!

There is a difference between truth speaking and smearing…

There is enough mud related to Obama to start a mud farm.

McCain 08

Ok, so when the Obama camp says that McCains service in the military is actually a hinderance to his ability to be commander in cheif, that is not a smear campagne?

Have you lost respect for Obamas camp? You act like they are holy angels….make sure you bow not curtsy in front of the all mighty!!!!

Not me, I will still vote for McCain

Smear? Oh you equate truth with smear I got it now.

McCain in 08

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