Tokio Hotel Family : Live web chat tonight? Z100 New York?

Where I live it starts at 12 midnight. I don’t know if I want to watch it or not….and knowing my luck, when it turns 12 it will tell me it’s unable to show outside the US….

So, are you going to watch it?
UK people mainly….think we will be able to watch it?

Poll (in case..) : Music or films?

Yeah, like someone said before me. I was on it too, complete waist of time, besides seeing the boys of course.

The chat had NO SOUND throughout the entire thing, the quality of the chat was crap, it kept disconnecting, and it was way too crowded, there was NO way that the boys could read anything on that, the posts were moving too fast. I couldn’t even read it, and english is my mother freakin’ tongue. And like the other person mentioned, the wait time between comments was rediculous. Z100, should have thought of a better way to handle that…

…I mean, it would have been okay if there would have been AUDIO AND I COULD HEAR WHAT THE GUYS WERE SAYING instead of just watching their mouths move -.-‘ …I mean, even with as much as I love Tokio Hotel I can only watch that so long.

So, if you didn’t end up getting to see it. You didn’t miss anything, dont’ worry.

Thank gawd I’m in New Jersey which is right next to New York…

Knowing my luck, my school network is probably going to fail or soemthing.
No harm in trying tho..

Its going to be from 7-8 PM here, and thats right after my 2 hour study session, which I’m going to be late for because I have to watch them live at 3:30 on ALexa Chung, I hope they are going to preform a FULL song, and not just 1.5 minutes…

Ahh I’m glad you said that.:) I probably would have lamely missed it when I went to their site today..Well since it starts at 7 in New York I think it stars either at (shutup I’m REALLY bad with timezones lmao..) 5..err 10..Not really sure which but I’ll be checking back periodically. 😀 Hope you can see it. 😛 It would really suck if you guys couldn’t. :l

but there was no sound 🙁
at least I got to see their faces xD lol

and I hated how you HAD to wait 15 minutes before you could write something >:[ but I guess just seeing their faces was enough hehe

Poll: Music!

i was on it. it was crap. u post one question and then u had to wait 15 minutes to ask another question

i have no clue o.O
i’m confused.. is it already over?
i clicked on the link, but the video was really crappy & slow & i couldn’t hear it )’:

Well gee thanks for telling me when it is lmao

Yea sure ill watch it. What time does it show in NEW YORK??


I’m not really sure what that is, but i would choose music.

Thanks for tell me =)
I’m going to watch it!!!

poll: Music

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