What are the chances of violence and profanity being eliminated from novels?

I reckon the chances are, roughly, NIL!
We don’t all agree on what profanity is or on what degree of violence is acceptable in different scenarios.
If I find a book unacceptable for whatever reason, I stop reading it and don’t usually buy anything else by that author.
The economic decisions of all the readers of books is the ultimate control on what is or is not acceptable.

Why would you not have those, especially violence! Violence is part of LIFE! Just because you dont put it into a novel doesn’t mean there is no violence.Just like kids shows these days can’t have violence, and look, school shootings etc.

.000000000000000000000000000000000000000… Now there is a chance, but it is just highly unlikely. I would say the best chance of that happening is if some religious nut manages to take over the world. Which Is possible, but is still incredibly unlikely.

Absolutely none since those themes have existed since the first efforts at human communication in ancient times. Never going away.


You do realize there’s no law preventing you from writing your own novels.


Uh-oh, another troll escaped from the padded cell again.

About the same as getting porn off the internet. NEVER HAPPEN in your life time

waht kind of a question is this? if the novel is about someone who is violent then what?

Don’t bet the farm on that one 🙂

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