What do you think of this situation and what should I do?

Ok so I was ok the car with my mom and than I asked her a question and she wouldn’t answer and then I kept asking and she wouldn’t answer and I said that no one wants to wait that long for her stupid answer. She answered when I said that which was like a long time in a rude way. I feel like something might…

i think you should apologize to your mom since you were being rude to her

You were in the wrong. You had no right continuing to ask after she did not answer. You had no right saying that you didn’t want her stupid answer. She wasn’t rude. You were.You were rude and very disrespectful to your mother. What should you do? You should apologize for being rude and apologize for badgering her for an answer when she didn’t answer the question immediately.

you should not have kept asking after 2 tries…………maybe she did not want to answer you or ??

Break it down because I don’t understand 🙂

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