What happens if I stay in France over 90 days without a VISA?

I’m a US citizen and I booked my trip thinking it was only for 90 days so I didn’t need a VISA, but when I got to the ticket counter they told me it’s really 91 and I may never be able to return to the EU again. What will happen to me? Should I change me ticket? Is there someone I can notify?

I really do not know why would anyone give a ticket for more than 90 days?
visa waivers are to be respected,just as visas.
I would not have accepted it.
have them change the date,you might get away with it but? you may not…just think if you fall on a person that will penalize you for it..
do not take the chance.

they gained’t do something as long as you’re leaving the country. If immigration government locate you they’ll deport you. depart on your person rather of having embarrass.

You need to admit your mistake and ask for a renewal

You shouldnt worry

Just let them know it was a mistake

don’t worry, those funny looking frenchmen in striped shirts and berets won’t arrest you…they’re too cowardice to.

instead, offer them some cheese and wine. they love that more than dogs in heat. and then they’ll forgive you in their gay language. Everybody wins!

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