What has happened to the Republican Party?

I’ve been a republican the most of my life. lately it seems to be a Gringos Only Party. It’s like every bigot has joined the party. Is this now part of the backlash because people can’t accept a very articulate and brilliant black President?

And if Sarah Palin is their answer, then I’m sorry…

Bush made the 2008 election anti-GOP. It never was pro-Obama. A frog could have beat McCain!

Palin is meaningless. She won’t be the nominee in 2012 because the GOP needs a good candidate to beat Obama (AKA looser).

around the time that Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act the Republicans made a series of alternatives that in the time of the process all threat gave them greater desirable ability over the merely right 40-50 years yet sewed the seeds of their eventual destruction. They unfavourable the act and won over what have been the top-rated reliable of the Democrats balloting blocs, southern whites. yet in the technique lost the votes of black human beings for the subsequent century. at the instant after that they began embracing the values of the religious merely right and cemented their prestige in the south and rural aspects. With their positions opposing civil rights and strongly helping religious conservatives they began dropping tips from classic financial conservatives and Rockefeller Republicans. As those human beings began leaving their party so did their moderating voices and without them the party exchange into greater and extra pushed via the religious social electorate. With that by utilising fact the state of the party, communicate radio and Fox tips entered the scene, pandering in process sensationalism and emotional project. the backside of the party exchange into pushed greater desirable to the merely right on social matters and the greater desirable youthful era, who for greater desirable sensible or worse grew up in a multicultural international, grew to grow to be their backs on the party. That leaves the present state of the party, dominant between religious social communities, yet ridiculed via the greater desirable youthful and multicultural.

You are no republican or you would know we aren’t collectivist about race and don’t consider ourselves a ‘gringo party’ any more than we court a ‘minority vote’. We believe in maximizing opportunity for the individual, not in the inherant racism that groups people by race.

Note that I am not collectivist enough to feel responsible for what Michael Steele (a neocon) or some young republican person I never heard of before said, either. They may or may not be racist, but I’m not, and it certainly is no platform of the GOP.

Racism has been a big topic on the board this week. It’s interesting that the rebuttal that I see the most uses Lincoln or MLK as their poster child. I think most of the people on this board aren’t aware of the shift in the political winds during and after civil rights.

I am amazed by how many of them are willing to defend racist statements, even when they are made as a joke. The Audra Shay issue (newly elected leader of Young Republicans), the latest Michael Steele gaffe (it’s okay because he’s black?), the comments posted on Free Republic about Malia Obama (those were anonymous so we can’t prove it was a Republican). Why does nobody step up and tell their fellow Republicans that racism is not humorous and is not acceptable??

Republicans have ALWAYS been like that…. NOW its just MORE BLATANT. And of course the election of the FIRST black president and now we have the FIRST hispanic woman to the Supreme Court…. those who are frightened of OTHER people getting into these positions are going to be VERY BLATANT about their racism, their sexism, etc…..

ALL moderates are being pushed to the side now… and there will be NO REPUBLICAN PARTY in a very short while if this continues.

I have had similar thoughts recently. I have been concerned about the increased number of bigoted responses from people claiming to be Republicans. Hopefully, Michael Steele will get our party going in the right direction. I’d rather be in a smaller Republican party with principles than in a larger Republican party filled with racists.

Look Ming, the bigots are the Demo’s jumping ship because their dear leader is black. Then they come here spreading their hate posting under the guise of being Republican. And I seriously doubt you’ve ever been a republican.

What a fantastic post! It seems like the people like Anne Coulter, Glen Beck, Sean Hannity, and Rush Limbaugh have hijacked the party. Now they have publicly stated that there is no room for moderates in the GOP, where are they supposed to go?

I agree the GOP have lose their identity and dignity . Reagan is rolling over in his grave right now at the sight of this party of hypocrites and bigots.

Right, you’ve been a lifelong Republican. You sound like you’re in sixth grade.

You should really hide your profile before you troll — a “Republican” obsessed with Michael Jackson, ethnicity, Reggae and smoking pot in a black neighborhood. Right ….

“Cut Throat” — Are you equally amazed by liberals ignoring racist statements of their own, like Rev. Wright, Sotomayor, Obama? A bunch of propagandists trying to “change” our country for the worst by demonizing a group of people — that’s why you and the questioner are. And I can’t WAIT for the civil war.

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