What religion do you believe in and why? Are you disciminatory against people of other religions?

Well, I’m just wondering what the answers community believes in. I’ve seen a lot of hate against people of different religions (particularly Islam, Christianity, and atheists in general). Are you offended by people who follow another religion?

A lot of people have gotten angry at me for creating the…

I’m agnostic, used to attend Quaker meetings a lot, once belonged to evangelical Protestant prayer group in college, attended Presbyterian Church in high school, went through a period of being a strong atheist. Have read a little bit about Zen Buddhism, the mystical Hindu scriptures the Upanishads, and the Bhagavad-Gita.

I try not to discriminate against other people on the basis of religion. However, I do have a fair amount of fear concerning fundamentalist religious people who follow several of the great world religions.

For instance, I do fear Jihadist Muslims and “radical Islamists” such as those who support Al Qaeda and the Taliban in Afghanistan, and I tend to believe that radical Muslims of this particular branch of Islam are likely to oppress women and severely limit their rights.

I also have a great fear of “Dominionist” Christians in the USA, a small minority of very conservative religious people who I believe want to repeal the Bill of Rights to the U.S. Constitution and make this country into a Christian theocracy.

I greatly fear ultra-Orthodox Jews, particularly Jewish settlers in the occupied West Bank and their supporters around the world, who seem to be intent on expelling the Palestinian inhabitants of the West Bank, supposedly in obedience to some of the older and bloodier passages in the Jewish Torah and/or Christian Old Testament.

I think such ultra-Orthodox Jews are a big stumbling block to peace, justice and mercy in the Middle East, and I believe the “Christian Zionists” in the USA who support them are just as much a danger to peace, justice and mercy — which I believe are supposedly commanded by the Jewish and Christian God.

I also am disturbed by what I have read about Hindu nationalist politicians in India, who in the name of the Hindu religious tradition and the Hindu religious scriptures have organized some terrible atrocities against Indian Muslims, especially in the state of Gujurat.

If your web site is promoting a peaceful, progressive and merciful Islam, I cannot criticize you in any way. However, if you are promoting a violent and intolerant Islam — or if you join with anyone else in promoting the violent and intolerant aspects of Christianity, Judaism or Hinduism — I cannot approach your web site with an “open mind and big heart.”

Jesus of Nazareth is supposed to have said, “By their fruits shall you know them.” You know a fig tree because it produces figs, not apples, and an apple tree because it produces apples rather than figs.

If your religious web site is promoting peace, love, forgiveness, tolerance, social justice, and compassion towards the poor, I think your fruit shows you are coming from God.

If your web site is promoting war, hatred, intolerance, anger and injustice, then I think your fruits are coming from somewhere very different. I suppose you have a right to “express yourself” no matter whether you are promoting the values of God or Satan, but I hope you will promote the values of God, who to my ex-Christian eyes is supposed to be a God of love.

I am agnostic. There is that remote (very remote) possibility that some god exists somewhere. Not likely the Abrahamic god, who is much too far away from the sort of benevolent being a true god should be. But I know some very good people that are christian, attend a christian church myself because they are “family” to me and community is essential. The only people I discriminate against are the ones that try to force me to believe what they believe or that try to force their beliefs into our legal system. And the idiots on both ends of the spectrum that accuse agnostics of being “fence-sitters” and the like. Agnostics know that you cannot prove any god does exist or does not exist. We are the only ones with the courage to say “I don’t know”.

I follow the Old Norse Heathenism not the Wiccan version.

I don’t really care what religion other people follow as that is their choice and not my business. I however do get quite offended when people try to call my religion false or try to convert me. In my opinion people should leave other people alone and let them do as they choose no matter what you think of their religion in the end it’s their religion not yours.

Most every religion has a lot of violence in their past or even currently. Mine is no different the Norse never claimed their religion is one of peace and quite the contrary it’s one of war. I find it funny when some religions that are responsible for millions of deaths try and claim they are a religion of peace. The honesty in the Norse religion is one of the main things that attracted me to it.

I’m offended by people who offend me. It doesn’t matter what their religion is.
I guess you could say I “believe” in the significance of Christian mythology. And I believe that Jesus life was a real one, and what he did was prominent.
If you want to call me a Christian, you can. But it’s more (or less) than that. To me anyway.

Anyway, I see a lot of hate towards Christians, and atheists mostly. But I also see a lot of hate from Christians and atheists.

None of it is necessary, it will never be necessary. If people were more interested in gaining a better understanding of what other’s believe and less interested in proving them wrong, we could be a more peacefully society…or whatever.

Just my 2ยข

I am Wiccan and it’s because it is what I am most drawn to.

I can be discriminatory of people based on their actions and abuse of their religious status. However, if someone just states their religion and moves on with no prostelyzing or anything else then I won’t be discriminatory.

Why do you care if anyone is angry at you for creating a website? It’s not like they HAVE to go to it. “why people can’t let others be and express themselves”, obviously you are free to express yourself via website.

No religious affiliations here… I was raised Christian, but left Church, and teachings in my mid 20’s.
Then into Wicca for over 20 years.
I believe no 1 religion is totally right or wrong. They all have their flaws.
The truth in spirituality is ones own path.
If you believe in 1 God,, and if you really know “Him”…
The rest is wrote upon your heart, and you live in his will..

God has never changed, He is still the same as the day he created us…..
He still does not like idol worship.
Ge still wants us to keep his sabbaths, his feasts. his ways….
but so few many do………..

So I guess I relate more to the Jewish teachings..

Messengers,,, from the first man Adam. to the last known prophet Muhammad…..
Stated it very clearly,,,, There is only 1……….and to worship ANY OTHER is IDOLATRY

It’s actually very sad, that if we all really knew God,,, we would not bash others….
be kind to the starngers in your land. treat your neighbors as yourself.

Because it feels right to me
I believe in many gods and goddess but not one above the other.
I don’t discriminate against any religion or non religion and all I ask is for the same respect.

Christian, because I chose to follow Christ. I strongly disagree with religious discrimination – it makes Christians appear to be very jugdemental. People are free to practice any religion they choose to, so why oppose it? Same applies to atheists. They made a decision that made the most sense to them, so why can’t that be respected? I agree with you. We should just see eachother as people with different directions in life and exercise tolerance and kindness.

I’m a Scientologist because it works for me. No, I find discrimination against religions intolerant.

It’s part of the Creed of the Church of Scientology that all beings have the inalienable right to practice their own religion. When you see intolerance, you see an individual unable to allow others to be (exist).

You can see that here:

I am Wiccan because after years of questioning and searching, that is the path that called to me. I have been Wiccan now for 16 years. When I was younger, I was very discriminatory toward Christians for the simple reason that my Christian mother and her Christian friends tried to force me to repent and be saved and one time they even attempted to exorcise the devil from me because they believed me to be possessed. I have grown since that time and forgiven those I felt betrayed by. More than ever, I have a great respect for Christianity, though it is not my path nor do I choose to convert to it. I have a great respect for all faiths and people’s choice to choose how they believe.

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