What’s wrong with my 1995 VW I can’t get the battery to stay charged?

I have a new battery, a new alternator and starter now once I hook it all up the car will be fine then after a day or so something drains the battery and I’m stranded until I get it jumped and then if I keep it that way either my battery goes bad and needs replaced or my alternator will go bad and then same…

take a volt meter and see if there is a voltage discharge when the vehilcle is off ( less than 12 volts. If there is no parasitric drain you may have a bad battery. New battery can go bad and especially the cheap ones. Check with the store and have them test the battery as many times as it takes. Have patience. I know these things suck but you have to narrow down the problem such as an electrical drain of some kind or a no good new cheap battery. Go withsears die hard or Interstate battery or NAPA auto parts has good batteries.

Providing each the alternator and battery is nice, i would investigate the belt, That model auto has a serpentine belt, (one belt turns everything) be sure it is tight sufficient, if it’s not, it is stretched past the tensioner’s capacity to hold it tight, The belt will have got to be replaced. For those who nonetheless have the equal predicament after a new belt, i would be looking on the alternator, (despite the fact that you stated it is quality) the battery mild indicates that there’s a trouble with the internal regulator. Automobile should still run with a bad battery and unhealthy alternator, i might be looking at a possible clogged gas filter or vulnerable gasoline pump. *replace* adequate you say you took alternator in and it’s first-rate, adequate, delivering that the battery termanals are clean and freed from corrosion, and the battery gentle continues to be on, that’s now telling me you’ve gotten a dead mobile in the battery and it’s not allowing the alternator to charge the battery. There’s no solution to repair a lifeless cell. Simply to be sure, take away the battery, take it to a legit save, have them charge it then put a load test on it. So as to inform the tale.

Get a jump and go to Wal~Mart automotive and have them do an electrical check. Chances are either the battery was defective or the alternator is “not putting out” which drains the battery as the car runs. A weak battery burns out a starter. [I know it is contrary to what you may think but the starter “requires, no….DEMANDS X amount of power. If it don’t get it it cries like a little baby and poops its pants.
Generally speaking, you are due for a battery but the one you bought is Junk. Wal~Mart can tell you that, also they can see if the alternator is doing its job.
I stuff in as much as I can get for battery power which go by Cold Cranking Amps. The best I could get was at Costco…a refurbished 1000CCA battery for $35.00. Alternator does not care as it just keeps it full, and starter does not strain(or burn out due to the lack of power)
Compare that to $180 for an 850CCA was the maximum I could get at Wal~Mart.

You need to put a meter on the battery and start pulling fuses.When you hit the one with the draw it will stop going down and stay level at that number.Look in the manual and see whats on that fuse and go from there.Worse case leave that fuse out when your not using the car until you find the problem.

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