What’s your favorite type of car between these: muscle cars, tuner cars, or Europeans?

For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about…

Muscle cars: American high performance cars, mostly equipped with V8s (60’s-70’s Camaro’s, Mustang’s, Charger’s etc. although there are modern muscle cars like the new Camaro’s and Mustang’s).
Tuners: Japanese high…


Hope this helps, Good Luck!

Tuners and Exotics

My most favourite class is the Muscles although i do love cars, Muscles just look and sound superb

I like the “tuners”
I find that for what they have standard, they produce impressive power figures and the reliability of a japanese built engine is not to be spat on.
They don’t make beautiful things but they design cars to be purpose built and ahead of their time.

Modern Muscle – Power, Body & Smooth

Muscle cars, definately.
Supercharged v8’s..can’t go wrong with those =D

Volkswagon Beetle
Now there’s a European car for the ages.

muscle for sure 69 yenko camaro

I like Toyotas cause I like to live dangerously

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