When in 2012 ,Obama gets reelected will 5 star classy republicans act like a Joe Wilson only bigger?

As they represent conservative Americas finest—The Republicans!!!!

I got a G, American, that says he won’t be.

When 2012 comes Joe Wilson may be president.

In 2012 any person the republicans put up will beat Obama.

Hell, my grandmother could beat him and she’s dead!

Joe Wilson does represent the finest Americans – truth tellers!

Obama DID lie!

The propsed health care bill WILL include illegal aliens and money for abortions and death panels…all of which Obama said would not happen when Joe Wilson shouted, “YOU LIE!”

Joe Wilson is a patriot!

Obama has an Ace in his pocket. By passing immigration reform he will legalize/amnesty to 20 or 30 million of illegal immigrants and Presto! they will be entitled to Health Insurance and all kinds of benefits So Joe Wilson was in a way right, because there was a loophole in the bill where there was no enforcement to check an ID. Proof of it is that the following day the Dems closed that loophole, By adding verification of ID. As for the illegal immigrants getting sick, they have two choices, 1) Go back to their countries, 2) Ask THEIR Governments to pay for some form of health insurance, they are their subjects, and as such they should be risponsibles for them, in as much as they those immigrants send home billions in revenues, revenues that leave this country , to help theirs Illegal immigrants also use the Emergecy rooms, which by law cannot be denied to them. And rarely pay a dime

I get it. You’re trying to stir things up with a little mischievous innuendo. Still, some of the answers to your question are amazingly stupid. I think those that make predictions, one way or another, when the man hasn’t even finished his first year in office are delusional. However, considering the fact that someone like Dubya could somehow be re-elected speaks volumes about the Republican Party. Aren’t they supposed to be “Conservative”?

2012? Wow are you lost in the woods. The only way this guy wins in 2012 is if he manages to pull some legal maneuvering and have every American citizen disqualified. The sad thing is he probably already has a plan of action for just this kind of subterfuge. Let’s hope we all make it to 2012 at the rate people around me are losing everything I see a mass exodus to Costa Rica in the future.

“When in 2012 blah blah blah, ” Counting your chickens before they hatch, don’t ya think ?
And thanks for the recognition. Since the lib democrooks are doing such a fine job of representing the worst of the democrat party someone has to represent the best of both.
And Joe was correct and factual. Obama LIES, repeatedly.

Support for Obama has dropped faster than any President since they started taking polls.
We have record debt, a worse economy than under Bush, and are losing jobs every month. Even Democrats are disillusioned.
The Democrats in congress have a lower approval rating than Bush did when he left office.

This question has no merit cause Obama isn’t going to get reelected.

Have your fun now,but doom awaits you in 2012. No way the bronzed one will win again. He and his friends are causing his destruction. He is in way over his head and I think he knows this by now. He is a one termer.

You mean tell the truth like Wilson did? Of course.

Can you name one thing he has done so far that impressed you enough that you want to reelect him?
See…. I did not think so.

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