Why do presidential candidates drop out of the race?

First Michelle, now Rick… Why do presidential candidates work so hard and spend so much money, only to quit??!

The number one reason is because they have no money.

The second reason is because they see the handwriting on the wall that there is no way for them to win.

Candidates can drop out for numerous reasons, but the most likely is because the candidate feels that the odds of them winning the election are close to 0%.

They run out of money. Romney might be the GOP candidate, but my dog stands a much better chance of beating Hussein Obama than he does.

NO, I donated to Tancredo the day before he dropped out and all my emails were omitted. i might want to have had the mastercard company do it yet wanting to enable him save it for his senate race.

They run out of money, delegates and gas. Yankee Doodle Dandy in a Gold Rolls Royce…Mitt Romney will be Elected.

either they can go no further or they are told to leave behind closed doors like Santorum.

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