Why, do these Bible-thumpers care what the rest of us do sexually…?

…If they have no intention of ever sleeping with anyone before marriage??? It shouldn’t have any bearing on their lives, right?!

cuz it takes hard work to get laid

its just easier to read that book and think you are better than they are

Well, many Christians look at it just like this:

“Why do these bible-thumpers care what the rest of us do suicidally, if they have no intention of committing suicide?”

In other words, Christians believe that sexual misconduct is morally wrong. It doesn’t matter to us that someone *else* thinks it’s OK. If everyone is allowed to do whatever they think is OK, obviously our society would be in a mess. Moral lines *do* have to be drawn.

From the Christian point of view, sexual misconduct is not only wrong, it is potentially harmful to the individuals who participate in it – and potentially harmful to their children, as well.

There are some Christians, of course, who think it is OK for people to do whatever they want. There are others of us, though, who think that it is wrong for the law to allow actions that are harmful to others.

Let me ask this: is it a benefit to society, or a detriment, if fornication is outlawed? What are the potential benefits? The potential detriments?

Jim, http://www.jimpettis.com/bibles/

i’m no longer a christian (nevertheless i’m a theist), and that i’ve got some adventure in the Mormon church. i think of the reason they are so severe of LDS is that there are direct contradictions between Mormon teachings and the bible. that’s no longer to assert that Catholicism (or different Christian sects) are not contradictory, yet LDS is particularly contraversial in many respects, which contain its foundation (Joseph Smith initially attempting to sell the e book of Mormon, and the linguistic prognosis suggesting it replaced into written by ability of himself and different ministers), and activities like the mountain meadows bloodbath.

It sounds like my mom’s side who are religious too the max-they just don’t believe in sex untill marriage, along with many other things- I don’t know what the reason is. (I was raised mormon but am not active.)

I agree
Fair enough if they want to believe it
But why does that give them the right to tell anyone else what to do? We don’t enforce our views on them.

they feel it is their place to preserve others from this so called damnation awaited everyone. What is most twisted is they think they are actualy doing good and dont even realize how skewed their point of view is.

i cant answer this without starting a riot with the “bible-thumpers” tryin to send me back to hell

Wrong.. you’ll regret it later in life as you grow and become a stronger, brighter, and better person both morally and individually…

It has nothing to do with the bible… it’s self-respect and discipline…
didn’t your parents teach you anything?

I agree. Our lives are our own to live.

I know for real.

Hail Satan

ill have sex when I want to have sex not when someone tells me I should.

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