Why does the G0p keep demonizing decent Americans that are out of work…?

….Thanks in part to the “pioneering efforts of Bain’s” outsourcing programs?
You people are way out of line in pre-emptively accusing all unemployed Americans of wanting a handout since they perfer 0bama over Romney! And your racist innuendo isn’t lost by the declaration of 0bama as “The…

Many poor people are for Romney because it’s “proven” he is a finanical expert who has earned his own money, he is very honest as well. Many poor do not want what they’ve had in free government health care for decades because it’s very low quality and difficult. Romney will treat all Americans the same with health care by having high quality and competition, he ‘will’ cover pre existing conditions.

Please listen, George Bush is one person, he is not favored now for Iraq war, big spending to name two. Romney is very different than Bush and Obama, will give good quality health care, and get our jobs back by creating businesses IN AMERICA and turning around failing ones, exactly like he’s done all his life, he has a good health care plan in Mass., doesn’t believe in one size fits all, was a good governor with low unemployment rate and a surplus of funds when he left office, saved the Olympics, took zero salary as governor. Don’t you want a President who will give us back our financial security again, give us jobs back?

The democrats were the KKK in America’s history, did you know that? Look it up please.

Definitely, there is an Asian-American Pacific Islander month (may), Hispanic Month (September), women’s history Month (March), Native American history Month (November). I do not feel it’s racist to ask about having a white history month – it’s a legitimate question. The main purpose that there’s no longer a white history month is when you consider that the accomplishments and achievements of white individuals (specially white men). Humans who make contributions should be acknowledged – there is surely nothing unsuitable with this. White guys and white individuals normally have contributed loads to this society and that’s excellent. But other corporations made contributions too and it’s effortless for the contributions of alternative agencies to get drowned out, forgotten, and even actively denied in some instances. Some of it is racism, but for my part quite a lot of it has to do with numbers — there are lot more white individuals so it follows that there could be more white individuals to honor as well. So, these “months” are reminders to help us recollect that everybody had a hand in making this nation best. I agree that we must have equality. However in actuality, racism has no longer long gone away (don’t forget James Byrd being dragged from the back of a pickup truck unless his head got here off – wasn’t that long in the past …). Because of this people proceed to spotlight it and battle it. So we need to combat it. For those who do not feel that racism exists – consider about this. If racism and sexism failed to exist – why would we still – in 2008 – be asking if the united states is capable for a “black” president? Or a “lady” president? If there have been real equality – we would not even think about asking these questions. Finally, in fields had been there’s extra equality – we do not ask these questions. We in no way ask if the NFL is ready for a “black” soccer player or if the scientific area is capable for a “girl” nurse. But we do ask about this in other places – which propose that equality does no longer exist. The bottom line is that we’ve freedom of speech, so folks are free to express how they think about it. If we are not able to do that then we would not be residing in the united states.

Obama has been responsible for the outsourcing of more jobs since he was elected than Bain ever was. At GM alone, since the govt takeover, more than 30,000 jobs have been outsourced. Obama’s buddy Jeffrey Immelt of GE moved 2 operating divisions of GE to China and Obama rewarded him by making him head of his Jobs Commission. By the way, whatever happened to this Jobs Commission and why haven’t we heard from them???

Despite the propaganda from the Obama campaign, there is no evidence that Bain was responsible for outsourcing ANY jobs. Just more lies from our Liar-in-Chief. It’s a wonder that anyone takes him seriously at this point. When was the last time he told us the truth about anything????

Have fun, because Obama is out. He doesn’t have a chance.

He’s called the food stamp president because he’s put more people on food stamps than any previous, and he’s proud of it. Nothing racial about it. Your race card has been declined. Over limit.

If you want to blame someone for job loss, start with Clinton. He’s the one who gave our jobs away to other countries.

Don’t forget GE CEO and Barack Hussein Obama job czar Jeff Immelt who has outsourced thousands of jobs.

I have Biblical proof that Obama is going to win in Nov.
According to my interpretation of the Bible in Rev. & Dan. Obama is going to win the election because he is referred to as King #7(Rev. 17:10) who Dies a few days after he will raise taxes(Dan. 11:20)

The Anti-Christ will be the next President after Obama! I have Biblical proof of this in Revelations 17:10! Where it says;
There are 7 kings and 5 are fallen
These 5 fallen kings are as follows here- In June 2004 there were 5x living pres. when George W. Bush was President! They were-
1.Gerald Ford
2.Jimmy Carter
3.Ronald Reagan
4.George H. W. Bush
5.Bill Clinton
That means that George W. was king #6 and that makes Obama #7 and the Anti-Christ will be #8 who was 1 of our 7 previous presidents!
At no time in world history has there ever been 5x kings living all at the same time when king #6 was in office! and the future king #7 was also alive also at that point in time!

What you need to realize hear is that Obama is not going to raise our taxes before the election. So therefore according to Biblical prophecy Obama who is king/pres. #7 will raise our taxes after he is reelected and die with in a few days(Dan. 11:20)!
The Anti-Christ will become our next President just a few days after Obama Raises taxes and dies!

Is that what they’ve been doing?? Sounded to me like they were demonizing the no good, golf playing, vacation, do nothing, non job creating Obozo… and do you really want to go there with the outsourcing??

you can vote all you want Nov. 4, 2012,just stay home on voting day

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