Will most woman understand if a guy has not dated in years but he has a good reason?

Girls if a guy has not been on a date in five years because he has been busy is the weird?
Well I am 29 year-old male who, due to many factors, has been pretty far behind the curve when it comes to relationships and sex. Did casual dating a few times when I was in high school/college (as in we go out 1-2 times…

I have an older brother that is just like you. He was chubby in HS and bloomed late, he had a serious dead end crush on a girl thru HS. Hes almost finished school now with a 6 year degree in electrical but it took him like 8 years cause hes always been working full-time for NYC transit. We are Best friends so every girl he talked to, dated, he told me about. Every girl hes ever liked he has asked me about so i know hes a virgin

Im not sure if you are a Virgin too but its not just you. Like my brother is a normal person in everyway, he speaks fine hes not bad looking and since hes been working out regularly at a gym now hes in good shape, like he got fairly muscular and hes a naturally an easy person to speak to so when he started meet girls at the gym he would be honest with them when it came up and then they would react Normally and put some distance in.

I dont know if its just cause we live in a city that i think this way but if i met a good looking guy who was well spoken and not religious at all, he tells me hes a virgin just cause it never happened, he was busy? First instinct is there is something off about this guy that i cant tell yet. Cause its like some idea that everyone has sex at somepoint in their younger life and if its after college and you are a virgin it isn’t normal.

He tried the EHarmony ****, on a free weekend. The questions they ask are trash, they do it like a job interview, they ask the same question in 17 different ways and i guess they average how u answer to figure out how u really feel? but just like an interview questionaire there was a right and wrong answer, they didnt tell you it was right or wrong but you know it is so you choose the right one. The girls that it matched him with seemed really nice but it wasn’t worth anything cause the way they described him was not how he is, it was how we answered the questions.

A friend showed me dating website OKcupid.com Its free and works. Like i think if u read this you might think im promoting the site but i recommend it cause it really lets you describe yourself and what u want in a partner.We did it for fun cause it asks a bunch of questions that are like real ****, Like how u feel about drugs, Sex, murder, religion. And its doesnt frame the questions it gives you honest options so u can be honest, and you can pick how u want want your partner to answer. And thats the best part cause They get it that the perfect match for you isnt always someone who answered the questions the same way. With like 1000 questions the stuff they ask is so fun to think about and specific that you can say yea i feel this way about this but my ideal partner might feel this way. Like When they asked about sex, BTW eharmony didnt even ask about that but for real thats a huge part of a relationship, When they asked about sex the virgin option was there. And for what you want in a partner, maybe you want a very sexually experienced girl, you can put that. And it would look for a girl that said shes sexually experienced but wants a virgin.

And then the profile you can make starts with the summary thing but then they ask you stuff that when you answer honestly, people can tell alot about you. Like For example there is a section called what are the 5 things you can live without, And people write so much different stuff. Like my friend wrote **** that i didnt even think about and i was like yo you care that much about your Iphone? but you break it all the time. And shes was like yea but thats why i always buy a new one. And she ****** wrote that too.

My brother has been on it for 4 months and he has been chatting with a girl from like the same day. The Site said she was a Match at like 92% friend at like 78% and enemy at like 6%. So if you want someone who matches you, they might not agree with you on everything but they might totally be against what you think n some things, but bases on what both of u said you wanted in a partners responces it a high match.

**** im babbling but try this Site OKcupid.com Meet girls that are interested in you who you are and talk alot before meeting. So what im saying is get to know a girl and let her now you before you even get physical, LIKE physical as in MEETING. That way is the best way.

Yes, some women will think it’s weird. But the right one won’t! good luck

no not weird. i know a lot of guys who focus on their career or something instead of dating…

It’s really no one’s business what you do. If they are judgmental about it, then who needs them?

you dont need to listen to anyone

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