Would Native Americans have the right to establish an internal state within the US?

As Israel has within Palestine ? We displaced “genocidally” millions of Indigenous peoples to populate North America.. if they came in with the UN and said “give us Rhode Island” ..would that be acceptable ? Or would America ( the US ) fight the UN and the Natives with all our might ?… tell me…

America’s First Nations still exist while we are a conquered people our communities do not need to be established for the white invaders were not successful in their attempts at genocide. The US Constitution does still label us as dependent Nations and thereby reducing our people to subhuman status. Indian Country has had some legal successes in 1978 we overturned the laws that made it illegal to practice our traditional religious ceremonies and rituals or publicly speak our own languages. The system of concentration camps or reservation lands controlled by the BIA, DOI and FBI were more to keep those huge tracts of natural resources out of the hands of homesteaders as First Nations are only accorded by the US Constitution tenet rights.

During the 1970s and 1980s, Israel to strengthen its political control over Arab populations established the Israel Land Administration (ILA) of the Bedouin Development Authority (BDA), which excluded any Arab participation in any planning process of how many and what towns would be recognized and how much land to allocate to each one. A policy that not only greatly reduced the area populated by the Arabs but also completely disregarding the traditional way of life and needs of these Arab populations.

I suppose both governments have a superstitious belief in “manifest destiny” and the effects of such delusions are still effect US policies today … as it was in following this insane belief that the bush and the neo-cons invaded Iraq. Still, Israel does not have a couple hundred thousand corpses of Arabs stacked like firewood in their Universities and the Israeli are not building biker bars on Muslim sacred sites or holy lands like the government is allowing in the US..

The UN fight the USA not very likely the USA is the only country in the world who has ever used nukes on civilian populations.

Actually, we gave Native Americans the right to have a seperate government that does not fall under the jurisdiction of our government. Because they have land given to them for this purpose, I don’t think anyone would consider that we need to give them Rhode Island. In addition, not only do they have their own land on which they govern themselves, they also have every right to move freely throughout the US and are afforded equal rights as all other Americans.

I’m not sure I really understand your question.

Of course. Many First Nations have precisely this right, as specified in treaties with the US.

But the problem is, in international law and issues of colonialism, it never comes down to rights. It comes down to power.

And inasmuch as the Israeli-Palestinian land and statehood issue is also governed more by power than by the idea of the rights of individuals and peoples, the situations are very parallel. Now here is one respect in which they are not parallel: other than the US, there is very little support in the world community for the Israeli occupation of Palestine. On the other hand, there is little support in the world community for the equally legitimate statehood rights of indigenous peoples in the US. In other words, the aspirations for self-determination of the Palestinian people have more support in the world system than do the parallel aspirations of the colonized peoples of the First Nations of this continent.

According to U.S. law, the remaining Native American tribes are “sovereign”, whatever that means. I know that U.S. law does not apply on reservations, and American police have to ask permission from reservation leaders if they want to enter there. That means that Native Americans already enjoy a lot of sovereignty, albeit only on paper. If this can ever lead to full independence – because that is what you really mean – is extremely doubtful, because it would amount to secession, and look what happened to the Confederate States, when they tried to pull something like that.

The Native Americans own most of Arizona maybe they can stop the Mexicans if we gave them the whole state.

No frothing??? “Genocidally?” Is that froth, do you think?
There was a war. They lost. End of story.

There was an opportunity for them to sue for peace and establish their our country here, but they declined. Sitting Bull was a great field general but he was a terrible lawyer.


You do have a point, they are no different.

i dont know, that would be interesting….i dont see why they shouldnt be able to…although i doubt they would be

interesting. I doubt it.

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