Xbox 360 live question??

Can you upload any picture to the XBOX 360 harddrive and use it for your gamer pic and if so is there some kind of special trick you have to do? Thanks.

I’ve had one since it came out too & I know you can do it from your pc because my cousin did it but I don’t remember how…you can also use the web cam to do it.

the easiest way is to get the vision. i have it and love it. you can use a flash drive usb and put a pic from your computer onto your xbox that way or you can link your xbox to you computer’s windows media player. i think you need to go to the purple blade to do that. after you have the pic on your xbox go to your profile and then pic and there is an option for downloading the pic there. i hope this helps. oh and dont listen to that “you can on ps3” guy. i have a ps3 too and when sony steps up with quality games and a real online experience then ps3 lovers can bash on the 360ers.

You can download from the xbox..they have some good ones. If you have a webcam, you can take a pic of yourself and put it there. I’m not sure if you can upload a pic that’s on the comptuer though..

put the picture onto a jump-drive (flash-drive) and upload it into the x-box and then you go to where you edit your gamer-tag picture and there should be a thing you can click on to use the photo from the jump-drive

No, there is no way. The only way is to get the camera and take a picture of the image. Maybe they will add that feature in the future.

i believe you can pull pics right off a flash drive i know i have done it before and have a pic set as my wall paper…i cant remember if it is available for gamer tags though i think i remember seeing it in the selection

nope but if u buy the xbox camara xbox live vision ull get me u can take pictures of thinks eg a picture of a game in a magazine and use that as your gamerpicture
hope it helped =)=)

Yes. Plug your camera into the usb port on the xbox.

Only if you have the Xbox webcam thing

u can sync your computer with ur 360 and do it through media center

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