I’m soooo worry and anxious right now..please help..?

I didn’t do so well in my class assignments for my english class, and here I am..worrying to death about the grades that will be announce tomorrow..gosh, I’m so scared..I wish I could have done better on the assignment..

Grades are really important to me..I want to become a doctor..

I’m soooo…

I’m dying of cancer, lady. You’re not worried, I promise. You don’t know worry until you have a terminal disease. To answer though, when you’re dead, this won’t even matter. So just forget about it. Nothing that ever happens really matters. Just have a seat, space out and wait for death.

First, take a deep breath. What is done, is done.

This is a good lesson for you as a future doctor. When people come in for medical tests, they’ll be anxious. They’ll be even MORE anxious waiting for the results.

But here’s the truth – you are the same person you were before you came in. It’s not like a disease is suddenly going to manifest because you got tested. And the results will come in however they’re going to come in regardless of how much or how little you worry. And stress only creates more illness. So, patients need to keep themselves busy and keep their mind off their results until they know whether or not there’s something to worry about.

Let it go except for the lessons you learned. Next time, what will you do differently? Write that down somewhere and tuck it away. Then move on to the next thing.

And I don’t know any doctor who aced every single assignment. Schools often want to know you’re a problem solver and you learn from your mistakes.

Now, take another deep breath and focus on the new assignment.

Usually students will do the same.
This worry will make you do better in the forth coming assignments. But nothing to worry much. Just relax for a movement, forget the past. If you stay more with the past, then you will not be able to concentrate on the present assignment. You know it right? So if you continue this, then tomorrow this will be the same for the next assignment.
To turn it to positive, just work for the present.
This kind of mentality can be changed slowly.

Breathe…Take deep breathes and relax for a few minutes…I have problems with anxiety too. I often blow things way out of proportion and look back later wondering why I was freaking out so badly. Everything will work out fine. Even if you don’t get the grade you would like you can use that as motivation to work harder in the future. There’s nothing you can do about that grade now so just try to relax and keep the bigger picture in perspective…and BREATHE>>>>>>>

It’s okay. You should just relax, and think on the positive side. I’m sure you’ll do well, and if you don’t, you’ll learn from your lesson to do better next time. Just have hope and confident in yourself. =) Do your work and everything pays off in the end. Now stop worrying. Go rest or something. DO NOT THINK NEGATIVELY!!

It is okay…….relax…..I have it bad at school too…..I am having nightmares about failing and doing my grade all over again. I am freaked. But It is all cool because……..I look at the glass half full rather than half empty. 🙂

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