Helping the senior citizens out?

I would like to help senior citizens out by cleaning their homes with out charge. I know some can’t do it and gets very little help. My question is, with the way people are getting sued, is this a good idea? Have any of you cleaned their houses and what was your experiences?

My Mum is 90, and lives alone. She has a great network of friends from senior citizens associations. She has a “boy” ( man about 60) come to mow her lawn every other week, and a “girl”.a woman about 60, who comes and gives the inside of the house the once over every week, and another who cuts her hair once a month. She has people who come and wash the windows, do the curtains and any handyman jobs that need doing. All through the senior citz network. She wouldn’t trust just anyone to come into her home. (Yeah, I know I should do all this for her, but I live 1000kms away.) Although she is not super well off, she always slips them a few $$ for their time and effort.
There is an old bloke who lives near me, and I take him out for a few beers on a Saturday morning once a month, and I go to his house every other Thursday night and play a couple of hours of cards with him.
I would suggest you offer to do some work for them at a cheap price, rather than for free, as they may think you are a bit dodgy. But you can give them the money back after.
You’re a good girl, Grandma.

I too want to commend you for being “part of the solution”. It has to start somewhere and what better way than to see a problem and try to contribute to a solution. How about a package of English muffins, or a small loaf of bread. If you have access to fresh veggies( maybe in the summer) a small bunch might be nice. I suggest fresh at times because I know of many seniors who have salt restrictions. Dollar stores usually have boxes of cookies or crackers, which offer a nice treat. I know they also have dish washing detergent. That could be quite useful and practical. It’s very encouraging to see that there are indeed many people out there who are trying to make a difference in their own little corner of the world. You don’t have to have loads of money, just a concern for others. I imagine that once you leave a bag on someones hood, they’ll be watching, and dying to know who the little gift elf is! Just a suggestion, but keep in mind how heavy you make the bag/bags. Some have difficulty carrying things. Great idea Jack, and I imagine it will put a big smile on someones face to be the recipient! Here’s a star for you..

I haven’t cleaned houses, but I have a service who has helpers who
do that for a living. There are home health care providers who work
with state agencies like social services, who send out case workers
to qualify seniors for in home care, or house cleaning, errand running
and in general anything that can be helped with. I couldn’t be without
my helper. And if she can’t come on a particular day, they provide
a substitute. Today I had a woman sub, come and take down our
little Christmas tree and pack everything away. She finished the
dishes I had begun. She cleaned the bathroom, helped with the
laundry and helped move some clothes to my closet that were too
heavy to carry without making many trips. These helpers can also
cook meals, that can be reheated at the meal time their clients
prefer. And they can assist if needed with bathing, dressing and
even applying moisturing lotion on senior legs and feet. That is a
heavenly experience. There are many agencies that hire people
to do these in home tasks. Many now require that their workers
take classes at the nearby college on first aid and helping seniors
with activities. This was an issue the public voted to approve in a
recent voting issue. Many states are requiring this as necessary
to work in this capacity. I would suggest calling some of these
companies and find out what their requirements are. And then
apply if you feel this is a work experience you’d enjoy. I have
found that the majority of these helpers are single women who
need the income, and raising children on their own, having divorced
their previous husbands. You have to have a gentle personality
and be tolerant of the elderly, and the wish to make people have a
better day than they would on their own and go without alot of
things. The job isn’t high paying, but usually the benefits are
very rewarding. I couldn’t get by without this service. And I am
so glad that I was able to qualify to get this in home help.

I agree with” Life in the slow lane”. I wouldn’t let anyone in my house to do cleaning or anything like that without a background check and them having insurance or be bonded. Its unfortunate that things are the way they are now but elderly people get taken too often. You could look on the net for volunteer opportunities in your area. You could volunteer at a senior center. You could volunteer at a nursing home to visit, read, play cards, call bingo games etc. That is something that is very needed, there are a lot of lonely people in nursing homes. I would stay out of peoples homes unless you go to work for an agency.

What a lovely person you are! What a kind thing to want to do. Personally, I would contact a local hospice (that have people go into the homes) and offer your services through them! The Hospice crowd are always screaming for volunteers – so I am sure that you will be welcomed with open arms. I know I am on Hospice, and many wonderful people help me out!

G-d bless you and have a truly Wonderful New Year!

Have a star! CJ

I did many years ago. Never got sued but enjoyed working for the elderly. If you go to church or are a member of an organization, you can usually find them that need help that’s how I found them.

As an elderly person I am very leary of someone who offers to do what you are offering. I wonder what monetary gain you would be getting out of it or if you planned to steal anything. I think you might be better off offering to clean out a garage in exchange for the junk you clean out; then sell it at a flea market.

Yes I did it for many years, and I had the same concern that you have, I never had any problems and I wasn’t insured,
You can set your own limits, One lady wanted me to wash and dry her drapes I told her it was best if she sent them out to the cleaners I was so afraid I would ruin them

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