Spiritually speaking whatever happened to the old American youth culture?

Why is the American teen/youth culture so negative?
AS much as I enjoyed/enjoy watching the American Pie movies and other Hollywood movies of similar genre, it always gets me thinking about a more serious issue! Why is the American teen/youth culture so negative and guided by the “coolness” and…

You’ve been watching too many movies.

As an over 50 American person I will say that I agree with most of what you say. HOwever, I do not recall any youth of America ever clashing with and bringing down a President. That has NOT happened. In America ,God has been taken out of everything but church and i,personally, believe that has played a part in this generation being so self centered. Also, the media portrays things in such a warped manner, that other people would see it and think this is how all kids are here.Or kids think they have to be like Kim K. or Kanye.

I know many kids that do volunteer work, serve others, etc, but sadly, I feel that too many other kids are so totally into how they look, and their video games and possessions that they have limited themselves. As you pointed out, it is the “geeks and nerds” that go on to be the learners and inventors and leaders . If only more kids would take life seriously, this would be a better place.

1. Wrong section

2. Generations are always more liberal than the one before it. Not just liberal politically, but socially as well. This includes throwing out some of the values from people in older generations (such as yours)

I’m 18 and I hate American Pie -__- worst movies ever. Nothing but titty shots and alcohol. And it’s always a bunch of guys with the sole mission of losing their virginity. Whooooo. So entertaining. Psh.

Satan has taken over America

It died when the technology age came.

Its all so depressingly true. Worried for our future.


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