Are there laws in the state of Georgia which protect consumers when buying USED cars?

I know that GA has a “Lemon law”- from what I gather, it only applies to NEW car purchases. Are there no protections at all for people who buy used automobiles in Georgia? The wife and I are in the market right now, and I have been screwed majorly by people before. I have bought cars before, and the…

Buying a car from a private party is always AS-IS, unless there is a written warranty to the contrary. When you buy a car from a dealer, there will be an “FTC” sticker on it that shows what, if any warranty comes with the car.

Warranties are limited, both in time and mileage, and only things specifically listed in the warranty are covered. Usually they cover the internally lubricated parts of the engine, transmission and differential, and sometimes will cover state safety inspection items.

You should have any car that you are seriously considering purchasing inspected by your own qualified mechanic prior to purchase. This would be at your expense, the seller will not pay to have this done. You could also have a vehicle history report run, some dealers offer them, with others you would have to pay for it yourself. A vehicle history report does not always show prior damage, if there is no insurance claim, the damage will not be reported.

If you choose to buy a car as-is, you have no claim for any future repairs, no matter what the reason. When I sell a car as-is, I have the customer sign acknowledging that they understand that there is no warranty of any kind. Part of the form says: “I understand that anything that happens to the vehicle after I take possession is my responsibility. If the vehicle breaks in half, I own both pieces.”

When you purchase a used car, the buyer assumes all risk. The rule of law is “caveat emptor” or buyer beware. It is the buyer’s responsibility to determine the condition of a used car before buying it. After the sale, it’s too late.

Well, I would check with the state’s department of consumer affairs. I believe it’s a federal law that the dealer has to explicitly state, on the vehicle, what kind of warranty is included with the vehicle, or that the car is sold as-is. You’ll likely see a window sticker to this affect on most used vehicles on a dealer’s lot.

The best way to keep from getting screwed is to deal with only a reputable dealer (someone with ties to a major manufacturer and who’s been in business many years…they frequently have a reputation to maintain, especially in a crappy economy).

Take a thorough test drive, preferably the way and in the places you drive (not where they want you to go).

Examine every inch of the car carefully, and ask about anything that doesn’t seem right. Lots of internet sites can give you tips on what to look for (different colors of paint in wheel wells and under the hood, anything that seems odd). Ask about each thing.

make sure you see a Carfax, and do not buy a vehicle that’s had more than one owner. That’s one of my cardinal rules. If they won’t give you a Carfax, walk away.

if you have a mechanic friend, bring him along to ask the dealer if you can take the car to a mechanic for a checkout. Some guys offer a service where they will meet you at a location with a truck full of equipment and will look the car over. if the dealer balks at having someone look at the car, walk.

From what I’ve always heard, no matter what state, a used purchase is “AS IS” thus, if you buy it THEN realize it has an issue, you are stuck with it. If you are looking at buying a used car, I highly recommend having it professionally inspected by a company such as AiM Mobile Inspections. They do a great job and could help prevent you from getting ripped off- even by a dealer.

No, and if there were, even a $1000 car would cost $2000.

Be careful what you wish for !

Never trust a seller.

or…trust but verify.

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