I have a puppy. They called him Paco but I don´t really like this name for a yorkie..
Suggestions please!!

I’d name him Pudding. as in Yorkshire Pudding…. lol.

Here’s all of the names I wish I named my Yorkie boy.

Jeeves (favorite)

Chewy (Short for chewbaka)

Ewok (because he looks exactly like an ewok)


I also really like “Benjamin” but you’d probably call him Ben alot which is pretty generic.

Porkie. Nice compromise.

I have always wanted to name a dog mango….

thats my suggestion.

Adolf. It’s a cuddly name.

Seamus…pronounced Shay-mus…like the Irish name, i think it would suite him

I like the name Cali the best.

Theodore, meaning gift of god.

Call him Beast.


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