If u get a chance to meet ur fav star, wat would u ask first?

Plz tel the name of the star,
go zing. . .

i’d like to meet surya and ask him to drink complan…

None can meet his favourite star. My FS is north of moon.

fav stars r so many.

I will ask one of my star Salman about when will he get marrried?

My favourite star is amitabh bachchan and i would ask him how would he keep himself in good health and what motivates him to keep going all the time?

my fav.. star is aamir khan. i would like 2 ask him how is he perfect in each of his movies n how he manages the age difference b/w himself and the character he plays……..

brad pitt
ask him:what is your biggest secret?!

or ask him:why did you star acting in the first place?!

Ian Somerhalder
Would you marry me?

Andy Sixx-Why are you so awesome and God-like?

salman khan….first a picture then an autograph..and one of his belonging

Salman Khan—How are you ?
Sachin– How could u be so down ?

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