Is a yellow car a girly color for a guy to drive?

I recently ordered a “Yellow Blaze” 2011 Ford Fiesta. I loved the color when I saw it online, but now I’m worried that it may be too feminine. haha. here’s the car (not the best angle, but its the right color):

eh maybe….i say if u like it buy it looks nice

Personally I think it just looks like a taxi, but with that specific car it does look a bit feminine, easy fix would to put some racing stripes on it, simple ones, maybe dual black stripes down the center?

Color would be fine if it wasn`t on such an ugly looking vehicle, may as well drive a mini or one of those four two`s. And they don`t even come in that color. Thank you, only Ford would try and bring this color back. YAKKKKKK!!!!!!!!

Yellow Fiesta? Yeah that’s a womans car (more or less a teenage girl). Get blue or black if you get a fiesta.

Yellow is a fine color though I prefer blue.

You have to live with the color. not me

Yep its a girl car

well u def need dual black stripes… then u can claim it as a superbee or rumblebee

I don’t think it’s too “feminine”. It looks great!

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