Okay girls….an embarassing question…..?

Okay…so girls who have dark hair usually have some on their face and I do, and it is soo embarassing. I want laser hair removal but that is expensive…..what works best for you to remove it?

Wax it off.
You can do it at home, or get it done at a salon, but it will be more expensive.

OMG i totally feel you!! And it’s not that we r gross looking, but it makes u feel a little less girly? (well, it does me). Ok, heres what i do…I get my eyebrows waxed and i tried to get my upper lip waxed professionally done once, but i chickened out. So, i went to Wal-MArt and got a home waxing kit and took care of it that way. IT HURTS but it’s so much better than shaving!! Never shave any haor off your face. It grows back with more stuble and fuller, and no that is not a myth. Thankfully, I didnt have to learn that the hard way, one of my friends did and i learned from her experience. If you are getting just a few hairs on ur chin, pluck em. ANd if plucking isn’t ur cup of tea, then i would try a bleaching kit. Nair offers a non-harmful bleaching kit available at all supermarkets. But, please be careful in anything that you do for the first time seeign as you won’t know how your skin wil react. And, another suggestion…if you feel too emberassed to go to a super market to look for any of these things, then i suggest you contact your local Mary Kay or Avon lady and ask them what they suggest. They may even have samples. Don’t be emberassed!

I don’t suffer from the problem myself, but if lazer treatment is out of the question for you, you can buy special bleach for dark unwanted facial hair, maybe you could try that. If not, try waxing it….it’s much more effective than shaving because shaving will cause the hair to grow back faster and thicker so it would be like shooting yourself in the foot.

That shouldn’t embarras you!
I have two friends who have this problem.

1) You can get waxed @ a local place.

Cheap drugstore bleaches.

Or for a more expensive bleach, my friend recommends Jolen Creme Bleach.

Hope that helps(:


Waxing is the best method. Just go to any Sally’s Beauty Supply and they will tell you what you need. Gigi is the brand of warmer and waxing products that I use in my salon.

i would suggest not shaving or waxing because it will grow back more noticable. get hair bleach from walmart and use that so it isnt as noticeable. i think you can find it next to the facial wax.

wax it, or bleach it. save up some money to get the laser hair removal, i think it worked wonders.

Well alot of girls genitcally have lots of facial. I have blonde facial hair but i have brown hair. Its weird. You could see my facial hairs when i put sunscreen on my face and wehn i got out of a pool and it got kinda embarrasing. So i got removal cream. I works but kinda hurts but its worth it.

well i have dark hair! but i dont have that problem, what ever you do dont shave it off! WAX!!!!!! i know it really hurts but if you wax it doesnt come back thicker and darker! GOOD LUCK WITH THAT!
if lyou dont want to wax then bleach it!

bleach it. theres the sally hensen stuff tht is made for unwanted facial hair. it works really good and u wont have to go through all the pain of waxing.

Waxing!! Its unexpensive and it may hurt the first few times, but then you get use to it!! I have the same problem!!Its life, dont be embarassed!!

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