Can you send a text from your computer to a cell phone?

I just want to send a text to a cell phone…. I dont have a cell phone but want to text my friends….. is this possible?

Yes it is
I have done it several times, but I believe you are in America (I’m not)
Check with your service provider.

yes yes yes yes YES

I use all the time. For some phones it is a free message. Love it Even Google will let you send text messages to some cell phones. It is very handy.

Yes you can. You have to find out what carrier they have (Verizon, T-Mobile, etc) and they’ll give you an email address. Type in your friend’s phone number and the email and you can send it as a text message. For example, if they have Verizon: Be sure to include the area code.

Absolutely yes! There is a link somewhere on the web site of your friend’s cell carrier. It will ask you for the phone # and a message. I use the one on Verizon all the time.

verizon website offers it and so does sprint.

go to and in the bottom right hand corner theres an option that says send text message and choose cell phone carrier of person yer trying to text.

ya its possible sorry i’m not sure how, i think you still have to have a cell phone account my mom texts through her computer she also texted my land line phone last night which I didn’t know you could do!!! it comes in as a call, and this weird computer lady reads you the text lol its crazy!

Yes. You need to know your friend’s cell phone carrier. Once you find that out, you may email messages to their phones.

Here are ways to format numbers by carriers:…

Yes and No is the answer really. If you have an IM service like MSN messenger, Yahoo messenger, etc., there are features on it to where you can type a message in like you’re IM’ing someone, and have it sent to their mobile phone.

But the catch is, that they have to have their phone setup to recieve messages through them services. Otherwise, it probably won’t be possible. Good luck.

it is possible.
but you have to find some program to help you do it.
i think facebook has some application that allows you to let people send texts from your profile page to your phone. so if your friends add that application you can send them texts.
also you can send texts with this website:
there are other websites too.

yeah..if you have AIM ( aol instant messenger ) all you have to do is go to the IM box like you do with regular instant messages .. +1(area code ) then the number just like that
for instance

say if your area code was 203 like mine
and il just make up a number
you put


just like that
and text away

i do it all the time 🙂

nope you have to have a phone, for example o2 network on your cell phone, but also the o2 online would let you send msg if you was a customer

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