Liberals claim Republican protesters are violent terrorists…?

Yet why is that it’s only at protests organized and run by Liberals where there is rioting and violence and destruction of private party?

For example, look at the previous General Election. At the RNC Convention, Democrats “protested” and rioted and caused hundreds of thousands of dollars of…

Liberals are too emotional and forget about the reality of their actions. It’s a basic human problem and some on the Conservative side suffer with it too.

First of all, your name is ‘Obama lied, grandma died.’ That says it all.

The liberals are not scared that republicans are terrorists for what they have done. It’s what they have been threatening to do. If you have been alive these past few weeks, you’ve seen some craziness. In Texas, where I live, our governor Rick Perry has been tossing around the idea of secession. People at the 9/12 and other rallies have been carrying around signs comparing their president to Hitler, Stalin, Lenin and whoever else they can think of. They threaten violence: “We came unarmed… this time.” They bring weapons to heavily crowded areas and areas where the president himself is (very illegal). Some weapons concealed, some shining in the light of the day.

And the scariest fact is that they’re running off ideas that are NOT true. If conservatives really want the best for America, they should educate themselves. And please stay away from Bill O’Reilly, Glenn Beck, and FOX news… Of course if you don’t like facts, keep tuning in!

those people who have been militant on the G-20 summit did so for the reason that team ought to no longer get a enable for a non violent protest (some democracy, eh?), and that they are indignant for economic motives. i think of Liberals can’t understand why the Tea occasion protesters are protesting in any respect. The Tea occasion human beings have been protesting different subject concerns, no longer the presence of the G-20 summit with important worldwide leaders, that’s probable why they weren’t controlled.

It is pretty obvious. The liberals are trying to make the conservatives look bad in an effort to censor and otherwise marginalize a movement that is gaining strength. Its their fear and anger talking. You can see it in their posts here. They have pretty much lost their grip on sanity and rational behavior. Now they project their anger and violence on their opposition.

The liberals are very frightening people and are going to become more violent as time goes by.

Tim Mcveigh.

Anthrax attacks.

Census murderer.

Holocaust museum.

Clinton campaign hq bomb threat.

Abortion clinic attacks.

Nice name by the way. You know right away when someones profile name is an obvious lie, that you’re in for a good question.

It’s to be expected.

Liberals, in general, are nearly 6x as likely to engage in murder than a conservative. That trend carrying over to protests really isn’t much of a shock.

Dont forget the Seattle riot at the WTO..

Conservatives are soooo much more peaceful in their protests. I’m sure the reason “FED” was scrolled into the chest of a murdered census worker found earlier this week wasn’t any kind of protest. I’m sure the people responsible just wanted the body returned to the victim’s employers as soon as possible.

Liberals might think rioting is a legitimate form of protest, but coservatives seem to think murder is one.

Did Grandma get a doctor visit?

They’re just crying victim, which is definitely part of their standard playlist. It gets them attention and demonizes the other side; a twofer.

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