Question about lost Driver License.?

I recently lost my Driver License. What are the steps I should take in this matter?

Will I need to repeat the process again from where I was first starting out in getting my Driver License, such as written test, vision test and road test?

I hope your social wasnt on it. Just go to the DMV and ask for another one. You may have to take a new pic, and you will have to pay for it. I hope its not suspended.

Lost? As in your wallet and License, or as in the Court took it?

If you lost it as in your Wallet, then you need to go to DMV and they will reissue you a new one.

If you lost it in Court, then you will need to get insurance just to get your license and depending on what state, you may or may not need to take the road test and written test, the vision is a given each time you get your license renewed/replaced regardless.

It depends on the law in your state, but most likely you can go down the the Revenue office where you get your liscense and tell them you lost it. You will probably need a copy of your social security card or anything else with your name, dob, and ssn on it and get another ID made. My state saves your picture on file…so they should be able to see that it is you and just re-print your new drivers liscense. As long as it is not expired, you will not have to retake the test. You will however, have to pay for another liscense…I think it’s $25-$30 here.

If you have a copy of the drivers license you can take it to the test center and say that you have lost a license and they will issue you another one, else if you have the number some where you can use that number and they will send you another license based on that.

No, go to the DMV and apply for a duplicate. No Biggie! If you have a licence with a magnetic strip on the back they will make your original licence inactive. You wouldn’t even be able to use it to get into bars with the scanners they have. The licence you get will usually say duplicate or dup1.

No, you just contact the DMV and order a replacement. Depending on the state you may or may not have to go in for a new picture.

I dont know how you go about getting a new one.
you may have to pay.
but you won’t have to take the test again, i’m sure 🙂
Phone DVLA ( this may be a UK company only) or wherever you got your license from
hope i helped

Nah, nothing happens, in PA youi pay 15 bucks and they add a digit to your “dupes”

“01” – so they know you didnt give yer license to a underage kid. well they caNT realy know.

they dont ask you barely any questions, just pay the $ and u get the license, i didnt need to show any ID either.

good luck 🙂

no all you need to do is go to your nearest dmv nearest licensce bureau and tell them you lost your license and they will help you all you do is fill out a form and then you can replace your license they will issue you a new one I have lost my license before so don’t feel bad all you need to do is go to your local drivers license bureau and tell them and they will help you its that simple good luck!!!

Just go to the DMV and tell them you lost it. They will issue you another for a duplicate fee. That’s it.

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