Will not getting accepted to UC Berkeley or UCLA ruin my chance of getting a prestigious job?

I’m in community college right now and I apply to University of California schools in about a year. I’m a Business or Economics major, since they both are very similar. Hypothetically speaking, if UC Berkeley and UCLA (two top schools in the state) rejects me and I end up in, say UC San Diego or UC Santa…

Yeah, I’m sure that future employers are going to look WAAAAY down on you….
I mean Berkeley is the #1 ranked public school
UCLA is in the 2nd place..

Oh, UCSD is a whooping 7th place… I don’t think you will ever find a job after attending the 7th ranked public school in the country.

And with ucsb WAY DOWN AT THE 9th spot = you better just hope you are a trust fund baby, because the only job in your future would be in retail…

ALL SARCASM – obviously your question is not a serious question and you don’t deserve a serious answer.
There are 10 UC programs… 6 of them are ranked in the top 11 nationally for public schools.
Do you think an employer would be so dumb to not consider a UC Irvine grad (currently 11th) at exactly the same level as a Berkeley grad.?

UC Berkeley is the moment exceptional tuition and primary exceptional public tuition in California. UCLA is far less complicated to get into. Berkeley is way more selective, my brother is going there for legislation.

who cares

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