Any tips on kissing/nervous for 1st kiss?

Im gonna see my boyfriend this saturday and I think he will kiss me. I wanna kiss him too but Ive never kissed anyone before and im nervous!! Any tips will help 🙂

relax go with the flow. best of all take your time

Relax, let it happen naturally, everybody worries about there first kiss then you’ll look back on it and laugh at why you was so nervous, after a few kisses you’ll never have a problem with it, good luck for Saturday!

P.S. hints, don’t use loads and loads of tongue and get a rhythm going. Good luck again!

Heres a tip. My first time kissing was amazing. It seems scary but just go with the flow. Make sure that you keep it soft (no lip gloss thats sticky) Chew gum before it and then if he adds tongue you do too just dont show it down his through keep it swirling around the tip of his. Make sure your doing something with your hands and wrap your arms around his back if he enjoys it you’ll know. breathe semi heavy and make slight moans indicating that you like it. Good luck to you.

You might be thinking god these people are useless, what sort of advice is that 😉

But i promise, there’s no way to describe how to kiss. It’s 110% natural. Keep your eyes closed, enjoy it and remember not to just shove your tongue in: less it more!

Have fun, and good luck 🙂

Just let it happen. Kissing is a natural thing… your lips will do all the work, you dont even have to think.

Invest in some Skoal or Grizzly chewing tobacco, and toss a bunch of it in your mouth before making out with him.

You dont need any rehearsals for kissing or hints at all. Let happen just like that…

its ok to be nervous.
i was nervous my first kiss… but really just dont let him know your nervous…
the next thing you know you will be kissing him everytime you see him but dont get too carried away…
good luck with saturday!!!!

people below me are telling you how to kiss

im telling you kissing could be dangerous too on other hand. because diseases transfer from saliva

Dont listen to that person and just relax

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