Anyone from Lebanon I need help?

I want to eventually visit some middle eastern contries and learn more about the culture and hopefully learn some more arabic…anyways I want to go to Jordan and than Lebanon…what places you suggest I should visit in Lebanon?? Good cheap hotels? things I should know ahead of time before I go there?

Hi I’m from Lebanon- It’s a great country to visit if you’ve never been to the middle east as it’s a country where east meets west. You have so many religions and cultures mixed in the tiny country of Lebanon. A typical scene is a discreetly dressed muslim woman wearing a scarf beside a young girl in a half top walking on the corniche.

Lebanon is a very luxurious country so it’s quite difficult to find cheap hotels, especially in the peak season which is in the summer between June and September when all Lebanese living abroad come back home to visit family. However try your luck on the internet to see what you can find. Temperatures in the summer go up to 35, so you might even prefer going around April, May. If I were you I would go to Beirut, not to waste time traveling into Beirut everyday. Beirut is buzzing with life and partying and excitement- if you want to visit the other cities, nothing is further than 3 hours away by car (or taxi called Service).

Europeans have been granted 1 month free visa that can be received in the airport when you arrive there, but it’s best to call the Lebanese embassy and find out depending on your nationality.

You can also request a visa to go to Jordan, Syria and Lebanon as they are not far from Lebanon – so you can visit all these regions while staying in Leb- however be sure to get your visa to those countries BEFORE entering Lebanon.

People in Lebanon speak English, Arabic and French so the good thing is that you will be able to get translations for everything!

Also, there’s a good course at the French Embassy in Lebanon for foreigners wishing to learn spoken arabic!

Good luck et bon voyage!

Well I have only visited Lebanon in winter & spring & thoroughly enjoyed both seasons….
As the previous contributor has said Byblos is a must…very old seaside town , once the capitol of Phoenicia & still a bustling , vibrant place…
Also Tripoli…amazing souk & you can live & breathe living history ….Hallab is a MUST …particularly if you have a sweet tooth !
Jeita Grotto is also spectacular …not just the cavern but the lake inside the mountain.
Bourj Hammoud …the Armenian market just north of Beirut….cheap , cheap , cheap !
Zouk Mikael…restored & functioning market in the hills overlooking Jounieh…
Harissa …take the Telefrik ( cable car ) from Jounieh to the statue of Mary for the most fantastic view !
Last but not least…take a day trip to Baalbeck…the roman temple in the Bekaah Valley …it’s humungous ! Call in & see the ruins of the Roman town of Anjaar on the way back….

That should keep you busy but if you have time in Beirut the national Museum is well worth a visit…


Nadia babe, There will be no war in Lebanon, not this summer nor the next. I would advise you to tell your cousin that you are not staying at his/her place, and that you are renting an apartment, then maybe he might tell you the truth, It is expected that lebanon will be the TOP tourist destination this summer, I have booked my ticket and no one wants war. SUMMER 2010 is going to be GREAT ! Look at the New York Times link for 2009 top destinations… And I’m just a person who Loves Lebanon and wants everybody to stop thinking of war, talking about it will bring more concerns and tensions. Give it a try this time I’m Sure you will love it and see how war is most unlikely ! Ohh btw I have found a couple of questions on yahoo asked by people who are “anti-lebanon” they seek to make people not come to lebanon, or divert their tourism potential in coming to lebanon, Please report those, first make sure by going to their profile and checking their posts out, most of the times you can find hints in the question it self. like the last question was ” Will I be butchered In Lebanon if I come this summer ?”… well HEEL nO GIRL !! hah anyway people remember you got your brains and there is a report button… use them Thanks

What I can add to the nice answers above are some phone numbers of cheap hotels and taxis in Lebanon.

If you are in jounieh, this hotel is about 45$ a night (or less) overlooking the sea: Holyday Suites Hotel
(New Mina Street tel: 00961 9 933907)

If you are in Beirut, a cheap and very nice hotel in Hazmieh close to everything but on a quiet nice street is Brazilia Suites Hotel. You can make a deal with them if you are staying a longer period.
tel: 00961 5 957957

I don’t recommend you rent a car because driving is crazy especially in Beirut. This is a very nice taxi that is even cheaper than those you take on the street: taxi elegance tel: 09 333 332.

Wish you a safe and nice trip and welcome to Lebanon!

Cheap Hotels? go to north lebanon beach resorts like
the coastal road between Tripoli & Biblos [on side of the mountains and above best sea view] is the most wonderful in the world.
Lebanon is just a small country and you just need a car.
Beirut, jouniyeh, biblos, tripoli [tripoli is mixed between new & beautiful urbanism in one side & very old & poor city on the other half]. If you visited Tripoli visit ask for hallab sweets [good arabian sweets only exist in tripoli and non otherelse] & perfavor restaurent. During spring coastal cities are beautiful In summer you’ll like Aley & cool mountains- but you’ll like the beach too.

All Hotels prices are acceptable, look in the Hamra area, as to the visitng sites you Have Baalbeck, Jeita, Palace of Moussa, Byblos, Saida … every corner of LEBANON is a touristic attraction

Jordan is nice I like it, Amaan is a beautiful city

the best person to answer a question about Jordan is Tia

I heard Syria is nice and if u wanna visit syria Rita can tell u where to go

I never been to lebanon there are many people in this category that can assist you

If you ever want to go to Palestine thats what I am here for

Beirut, Jbeil, Saida and Baalbeck are definitely places to visit while you’re here. The Jeita grotto, beiteddine, the gibran museum as well.

im not lebanese! im british but my bf is lebanese so i travel over there from time to time.
In the summer, its hot hot hot seriously. the hottests months to go are july and august. I went in end of auagst last year and jeezz it was hot. Not complaining tho i love the heat 🙂 For going summer like i am again this year, these where i would suggest to go, eddie sands beach! lots of fun beach partys there 🙂 janna beach, lovely :). downtown beruit, gemzieh (sorry dont knw quite how to spell it lol) but yer lots of un clubs and bars there 🙂
In the winter, i went in new year and i love going to taboo nigthclub, been to gold to. sky bar is suppose to be the best but it opens again in the summer 🙂 im looking forward to going there 🙂

cheap hotels wont be in beruit, and expesically not in beruit downtown. look more on interent sites to get more info

from sweet cherry <3

answer mine please;_ylt=AhZ2x1_UUIOqD2wrBQlDdbnsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20090519023524AAiuXIj x

I more educated in Jordan because I go their a lot,,,,, These are hotels I’d recommend in Jordan, their very cheap and very classy:

Canary Hotel
The 2 star Canary Hotel is located near Amman city center and the Abdali Bus Station. The hotel was renovated in 1998, and is situated in a quiet area with good access to public transport and the airports….

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Jabal Al Weibdeh (Hotel)

Sydney Hostel
The Sydney Hostel is newly opened and is ideal for all backpackers and travelers visiting Amman…

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Midtown, Prince Mohammad Street Downtown (Hotel)

Palace Hotel
Palace hotel is one of the oldest hotels in down town Amman and its central location means that you are close to everything…

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King Faisal st (Hotel)

New Park Hotel
The New Park Hotel is one of the biggest and best equipped hotels in downtown Amman area. in the only 2 star hotel in old Down town city of Amman

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Amman King Hussein Str Opposit Old Court (Hotel)

Abbasi Palace Hotel
This familiary middle-size hotel is renovated in 2007 and comfortable new furnitures are waiting for the guest to give a friendly headquarter to make some sightseeing tours or trips to the main tourist attraction.

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Quraish Str Down town – old city (Hotel)

Caravan Hotel is a pleasant, well-maintained 2 star hotel located three minutes walk from the Abdali Bus Station and 15 minutes from Amman city centre.

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Jabal Al Waibdeh (Hotel)

Sun Rise Hotel
Our hotel is located in Amman at Abdali station. We have single, double, triple and dorm style rooms.

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King Hussein Street Abdali Station (Hotel)

Alsultan Hotel
Asultan hotel is located in mid town of Amman, the capital, very close to the roman theatre 1minute walk. All the rooms in the hotel have a private bath and shower. TV with satellite hot and cold water……..

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Mid Town – Amman Saqf Alsail Street (Hotel)

Cameo Hotel
A warm welcome to Jordan from the Cameo hotel. The two star Cameo hotel is located in the most high class and safe area on the forth circle, near Amman west hotel

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Amman Forth Circle (Hotel)

Cliff Hotel
The city of Amman is a mixture of traditional and modern:embracing an international and culturally diverse vision. In the earthy kinetic chaos of downtown is the heart of Amman.

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Jordan- Amman – Down Town Prince Mohammed st-front off hashem restorant (Hotel)

Strategically situated in an elite Amman neighbourhood, Darotel is few minutes away from city center and…

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5 Ibn Sayyeda Str. Shmeisani (Hotel)

Hotel Hisham
Hotel Hisham offers a warm and welcoming ambience with all the amenities that provide comfort to its visitors. The stylish guest rooms of this hotel are beautifully decorated to offer guests a comfortable night’s rest.

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Abu Firas Al Hamadani, Jabal, 11183 Amman (Hotel)

Toledo Hotel
Breathtaking Andalusian theme, Toldeo Hotel is situated in the heart of Amman, on the edge of the old city center and within walking distance to the new city center..

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Al Razi Street Jabal Al Hussein,po box 927335 (Hotel)

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