At what age is a person considered a Senior Citizen?

when you are old enough to admit it, many places give a senior discount starting at 55, however others wait until 62, or 65.
while you have get a senior coffee at Mc Donalds just by asking for it.

however I was getting senior discounts at 52, because of my gray hair.

Certainly not when someone calls you “Pops” or even”hey old man.”

Senior Citizen to me is just a label usually associated with a number. The cycle of life is a continuum not segments denoted by demographic phrases. Seniors don’t magically shrivel up and go away at some predetermined age. Most are very active and a lot are still working because they want to. I do admit the discounts are nice though and I am 56.

I don’t know if there is a certain age, for me it depended on how old I was.When I was in my 30’s I thought 50 was senior, now I’m in my mid 60’s and find it difficult to admit that I AM a senior citizen.So many of our friends are in their 70’s and 80’s and they are seniors but I bet they don’t feel it.I think the government would say 65 yrs old is considered senior.

Depends on the store and the age they have set up.Some consider 55 age Seniors,others 60+.I am a Senior at 52.A great-grand and love it….

I think age 55 is usually considered “senior”, but that is my age, and I still feel like, well, not a kid, but a very young person!

I’m 50 and I’m finding myself in the senior citizens catagory on yahoo answers sooooo, I guess when you feel like it


Around their 50’s

Most places around here have changed their senior discount to age 62. I think there were too many baby boomers for them.

It depends are where you are and what you are doing. Social Security can be claimed at 62. Restaurants and other business start at 50 on up.

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