Aussie chow chow mix in trouble just adopted?

We just adopted a aussie chow chow mix and i have some questions if anyone out there can answer PLEASE….. Here is the situation….
today is tuesday
Daisy (our dog) arrived Sunday
She came to us from a foster home with a split tooth from supposedly times past of being caged to long but the vet records show…

1. Nothing you have mentioned would suggest she was abused.
2, 3. The dog is ill because you abruptly changed her diet. Nothing more, nothing less. Put her back on the food she was eating at the foster home. Leave her on it for at least a few weeks. Then, you can very very slowly change her diet if you still wish to. You do this by mixing about 10% new into the old for a start. Very slowly (over 1-2 weeks), increase the new and decrease the old. Also ask the vet for something to give her to help settle her stomach.
4 and 5. Only a vet can answer these, after examining the dog. Her illness is almost certainly caused solely by your family changing her food suddenly.

I have bred dogs for yrs….and from the list you provide…I would return this dog immediately and not let her near my baby. Chows are notoriously aggressive…and will bite and fight. We had one when I was in grade school and I was scared to death of her. She was menacing. I think there are enough negative complaints here for you to return her. I always feel a dog is in the shelter for a reason, some are legit….like they owner died….but I can’t honestly think of another good reason anyone would get rid of a GOOD dog.

She is sick if she is vomiting like that. You could come up w/some costly vet bills…and for what an old dog you can’t trust (teeth). If you have to get a dog…you are really playing Russian Roulette when you get one from a shelter….because you don’t know WHAT that dog has gone thru, or how it will behave w/your kids, especially the baby. Not to many strange dogs should be trusted around babies. Dangerous.

I would absolutely take that dog back. An Aussie would be VERY good, if it has not been mistreated before it got to the shelter….BUT there is really no way to know. Until it is too late.

THe people at the shelter do not usually really know what breed a dog is, they just take their best guess. This dog is sick and old….not a good family pet….too old and the vet bills will start coming soon.

EDIT: I am not judging any breed….you said she was in a fight, which resulted in a damaged ear, and has a broken tooth…which I guarantee you did NOT come from her cage…..that is what my opinion is based on. NOT a good dog to have around kids….especially a baby. IF you want to risk it, don’t say you weren’t warned.
FACT…..the dog is old and has had a bad history. You don’t know why she is sick. BUT she IS sick. ‘
ABSOLUTELY report the foster home. If they are abusive they should not have any other dogs to care for.

Son has a friend who had a Lab….had been out for about 4 hrs…when arriving home, he was carrying his dghtr who was about a yr old. He put her on the couch, so he could go to the bathroom, she was still sleeping……he heard a ruckus ran into the liv room to find the Lab a family pet for 3 yrs…..chewing off the baby’s face. NEVER trust a dog around a baby unsupervised.

Hi my namy ins ana writting about chows. Who ever thinks that they are agressive its so not true. I had two chows for 15 years. We also were breeding them. They are very calm dogs. But protective to family never bite anyone. If you are raising chow in a right way they will be great dogs. And they never attack children. I will say more once my chow attacked a dog who attaked a child to protect thi child and it was in the yard. So who ever thinks that chows are agresseive its wrong. Rase a dog in. A right way they will be the best dogs you ever had!

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