Barack hussein obama is alot more black than he is white???

Some people complain how people label obama as black and not mention his white side.
well, he is half white by blood but he grew up in mostly black environment and attended 20yrs in a racist black church that brainwashes the anti-white hateful propaganda.
so why don’t these same people, who complain how the…

He looks black, he acts black, he has a black nose, he has black curly hair. Where do we get the half white part ?

I don’t think it would really matter who he grew up with….
had he been raised by his white family would you consider
a man dark as chocolate a white man??? If he attended a all white church would he pass for Caucasian….if he only played with white kids growing up would he be considered white????? the question is why haven’t white people ever claimed a bi racial person as their own….if he was to commit
a crime would he be punished like a white man or a black man…who do you think would turn their back on him first if that were ever true

I can’t be bothered to read your ‘hate’ column.

As far as him attending that church goes, I have no doubt that he has known since joining that his Reverend is an anti-american. Wright obviously dislikes our country and has some deep-seated issues he never resolved within himself.

That’s still no excuse for preaching his hate speech to others. I put the shame on them for listening to his garbage. It’s people like him who want racism to continue in America by spreading lies like our government kills Black people. Our governement kills everybody, deal with it.

Please answer:;…

Also, Obama has lived with his white family more. One of my best friends (White/Black) is the same way, but IDs as white. It’s the individuals choice. But to everyone saying black + white = black is just moronic.

Give me a break. You cannot evaluate Obama by what the pastor has said. I truly am not sure I wouldnt have abit of anger towards whites if I were black myself. Obama stands alone. He is a man, it is not important what color he is. He is a very refined intelligent dedicated and would make a wonderful president. He is black and he is president material.

This question reminds me of the way adults sound on the Charlie Brown cartoons like “WA WA WAMP WA WAAAAA”.
Yeah, like that. A whole lotta words, but ain’t nothing coming out.

Wow!!!!! That question was really deep. Looks like you invested a lot of time in writing this essay.

He is all black.When you involve black genes with anything, genetically all else cease and the black parent weather male or female the black genes will dominate.Sorry.

wow you write so much yet you re dont say nothing useful
doesn’t he look more black than white?

Do you realize how idiotic you sound??

Who cares if he’s half white?? Why would that even be important??

It isn’t.

Get over yourself.

I can’t wait until he wins so you ignorant low-lifes can finally shut the hell up.

Are you more tool or troll?

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