Black&Decker Electronic Battery Drills problem.?

I have a Black& Decker Firestorm Drill for a few Years ,you also get a Rechargeable Torch and you get supplied with a Charger and two Nic Cad 14.5 Volt Batteries. I do not use this much and about two weeks ago I tried using the Torch in the Garden to provide extra Light at Night time when checking out…

I also have a B&D Firestorm set with 14.5 volt batteries. I have always had short run times on those batteries. My set comes with a reciprocating saw, which I use more than the drill, because I have other drills that hold a charge better. I have also had to get a new charger for the Firestorm set, as the charger that was supplied wore out.

You can get a non-brand 18 volt chargeable drill for about $20. That’s a lot cheaper than messing with the Black and Decker batteries and chargers. And I wouldn’t use a torch that requires such an expensive battery. There are many cheaper alternatives.

I’ll make this short and sweet either buy new batteries or look at another drill and worklight set. I “ll tell you my Craftsman 19.2 volt drill and work light with charger, case and two die-hard rechargeable batteries were $100.00 bucks. It’s one of the best drills I have ever owned, including Dewalt, Makita and Ryobi, i like it better than the ones mentioned. Get a new drill and work light, you’ll be glad you did.

I’ve had similar problems with my Craftsman set. It turned out to be the charger. As I had an extra charger there was no time without my drill. Usually the batteries start dieing a slower death, you know when they start to go when the length of usable power gets gradually less. I’ll bet it’s the charger.

I suggest you use Rechargeable batteries and let them charge until they are full.sometimes you use this item a bit to long it drains the power out of the batteries or the item has got to hot and could burn out. if this suggestion do not work and the drill is still under guarantee take it to the place they repair them, if they will not get your money refunded if possible ,my husband had the same problem now he prefers using a powerful drill directly from the electric and uses a Extension leads.

Ni cads should be used often, or at least left on trickle charge, if you dont they fail.
As you dont use it much your battiers have failed.

You cant change the actual cells in the batteries as they will be sealed in, so you have to buy new batteries, but often these cost the same or more than a new drill etc.

Have a look at screwfix (I presume you are UK based)

Yeah. I had the same problem out of the same kind of drill.You would be better off buying a new drill.the batteries cost almost the same as the drill.

Try the battery on another charger. Maybe the Charger is bad. Clean the contacts on both the charger and the battery. This is the only thing wrong with cordless tools, the batteries. They just don’t last.

I had the charger fail on my firestorm drill.It seems to be a product weakness.
Bought mine from Argos and they replaced it under warranty.

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