Can you get a decent buzz [or even add extra flavor to your favorite Irish dish] w/ a Wee Smidgen of Whiskey?



All you have to do is lay awake in the wee small hours of the morning with a tad more than just a wee smidgen of Irish Whiskey and think about The Girl – and don’t you dream of countin’ sheep,…

Irish Coffee is the best way to get a buzz…heavy on the Irish…especially if you have a hangover!

and here’s a fine bit of Irish for ya!!!

Well, a smidgen of the whiskey does have it’s place. A smidgen of MEAD is even better. But I am most fond of using a dry wine for the cooking – smidgen here, a smidgen there, a small glass for the cook, another smidgen where needed, the cook samples some more wine to make sure it’s right.

Some of my finest memories involve cooking a great meal. I can still hear the guests, “Gene, what the heck have you done with this food?!?!!!!”

“You fool, are you totally crocked?????”

Well, it seemed OK to me.

Thinkin’ about The Girl kinda kills my buzz, though I do understand, sir. She’s better off in your head, and I’ll relieve you of that whiskey, so ya don’t slobber on the wee lass. . . As for recipes with a smidgen, I’ve got one (non-Irish) good one; pasta with broccoli and/or shrimp in a delicious creamy sauce, spiked gently with a wee bit of good bourbon, scotch, whiskey, etc. Non buzz inducing, unless ye be tippin’ it while cooking, which, set to your music, could be a wee bit o’fun. =D

Well, take your wee dram (or two) and you won’t even see the sheep. However, I would like you to know, that whatever the alcohol you use in cooking, the flavour remains but not the alcohol – it is the first thing that evaporates…..

I prefer to call it anti bacterial for flu prevention.

I guess it depends on how much you can “wee”.


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