Can you interpret my dream where I saw my zodiac sign in the stars?

Well my dream itself isn’t overly strange or anything, but it was one of those dreams that is SO vivid and visually intense. I don’t remember my dreams very often at all, so when dreams stay with me like this I always find it very interesting. Maybe it has to do with what part of the REM cycle I wake up…

STARS–We associate stars with ambition and destiny. To look up to the stars is to indulge in wishful thinking. This dream encourages you to focus on what you are wishing for. Your aspirations may not be wishful thinking, but a wish that can come true. Such a dream may indicate that the dreamer is not aiming high enough in real life. Why aim for the moon when you can have the stars? If your goals and ambitions are realistic, perhaps you should aim a little higher.
SHAPES–Geometric shapes appearing in dreams are abstract representations of our inner world. The nuclear family-mother, father, child-are suggested by a triangle. It is also a symbol of man’s three body parts-mind, body, and soul.
ZODIAC–In dreams the zodiac signs can represent the actual personality traits of that sign, or they can represent parts of the body. The parts of the body associated with the libra are the lumbar region kidneys and skin.

So, your zodiac sign may not be actually representing your kidneys. If you often associate yourself with the Libra, the scales may just be a representation of you as a person. Perhaps your dream is telling you that you (the scales) need to be more ambitious (the stars) about keeping your mind, body, and soul (the triangle) more balanced (your quote about perfect balance.)

Since looking at the stars is something that you actually do in real life, maybe it has nothing to do with the stars at all? Maybe it’s a way that your subconscious is trying to tell you something by using the stars which is something that you’re interested in, so that maybe it can relate something to you? Or maybe it’s something bigger than your subconscious like a prophetic dream or what’s sometimes called night visions. Since you were still able to see the constellation and remember the words”perfect balance” so clearly? Or just a sweet dream? In which ever way dreams come, I think that the ones that we remember all have something in common they make us think. And when we think on them a while we begin to see the bigger picture. Best of Luck! Jadiva

me: Aries (april 13) dream place: in the movie theaters (so risky though that i’m scared to try it!), also on the beach during the day. Actually all of those during the day, when people are out.

i would uh, stay in the house for a while. and away from anything sharp or dangerous.

i’m so sorry

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