Christians, what do you think about Heaven being cubed shaped and about fifteen hundred miles on each side?

Kinda shoots the holes in the theory of those who claim only 144,000 will go to heaven.That would be 24,000 cubic miles per believer.

Of course you speak of New Jerusalem and you have left out that it is also 1500 miles high.…

Not much, and that’s a fact.


Fine as long as you interpret the physical by the spiritual.

If you read the passage, what is descripted there is not “heaven” but the heavenly version of the city of Jerusalem that will be one part of heaven. God’s capital city will be 15 hundred miles on each city. That being the shape of heaven itself is not supported by the text. That would be like thinking that the shape of California and the shape of Pasadena are the same thing.

Hmmm, heaven.

The mind/intelect may ratiocinate heaven to be a place above the clouds perhaps (A sin free place of happiness and eternal love), (Yes this is true, but not in the sence of duality), yet the major faiths refer to this as a realm of being – An awaking, a realization of a perhaps forgotten existence/vision (Spirituality)

Hinduism – Sat Chit Ananda – is Truth Consciousness Bliss (Moksha – Liberation)

Christianity – Heaven (One with Christ)

In the Zohar, the greatest kabbalistic work, the Torah is interpreted in reference to the Sefirot – They are Keter (Crown) proximity to the divine super-conscious of the soul.

1 Beyond etc. Beyond the relative world which is a mixture of existence and non-existence. The world is said to be existent as it is perceived in ordinary consciousness, but to be non-existent as it is lost in super -consciousness. Knowing the nature of the world, the man of Knowledge is quite unconcerned with it. ASTAVAKRA SAMHITA – Chapter XVIII – P138

I thought it was about the size of my block.

I thought it was only 3km long each side.

And there’s lots of them.

That sounds about right (it’s stupid enough).

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