Do you feel faint at the sight of blood?

I do…it runs in the family…lol 🙂


Nah, I’m pretty cool with it.
Whenever I have to have a blood test for medication reasons, I like watching my blood filling up the test tube.
Sorry, if I made you just faint by describing that.

No not at all and maybe it’s because I’m a woman and we see it all the time! I do get a little sick when I see horror movies with alot of blood shooting out of people’s bodies during the entire movie.

No. I used to do Post Mortems for a living so would have spent 8 hours a day flaked out!!

I get all the symptoms… flushed, sweaty palms, the room spins, can’t breathe, until I have to hold onto something or just slide onto the floor.

Don’t flat out faint, but sure do feel queasy.
Though there was des 1 tyme wen i came close ….

I don’t know, I haven’t seen A LOT of blood before.
It’s okay though if you do. Many people do (:

Depends where the bloods coming from lol.
It’s weird.
Like if it’s coming from someones wrist it gross..
But if it’s coming from their leg or something it’s not as bad.

no i don’t haha
if its a simple cut with a knife.
but i guess if im coverd in it i would just throw up?
idk if thats a sign of faint?

no u r getting scared so its happening
its a blood which everyone have u, me and everyone
no blood no man

I actually dont have a problem looking at
blood, scars, burns or cuts.

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